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USA 26 June: Hartford, CT - Scholar-Athlete Games

On Sunday we had the great honor to be part of the Opening Ceremony for the 2011 World-Scholar-Athlete Games taking place in Hartford, Connecticut. It seemed quite fitting to be meeting on this day with Youth from so many nations since the United Nations Charter was signed on this date, 26 June 1945 by the representatives of the 50 countries.

Hundreds of enthusiastic students from dozens of countries around the world were gathered to participate in sports and cultural programs organized by the Institute for International Sport.

The introductions help set the tone for the event.

The Games were established by Dan Doyle who envisioned that sports and the arts could be a way to foster peace and build cross-cultural understanding.

He has a genuine faith in the youth of today and offers encouragement in many ways.

The students were very happy to be at the conference. As this was their first day they were just beginning to meet and make friends with other aspiring community leaders and advocates for peace.

Paz Magat, Deputy Director and Coordinator for the Opening Ceremony, was very helpful in making introductions and making us feel welcome.

Mr. Amir Dossal, Special Envoy from the United Nations to the World Youth Peace Summit addressed us. He said in part that "we are the caretakers of the Planet - for you ". He also told the scholar-athletes ".. and we want to learn from you."

His mention of "caretakers" also resonates with the  International Year of Forests (IYF) and its support for related activities to "benefit of current and future generations". The IYF was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly for 2011.*

Following the Games the inaugural World Youth Peace Summit will be convened on the University of Hartford campus as the athletes and artists attend lectures and workshops to study peace policies and develop and implement their own “Pathways to Peace”.

Heather Neuwirth, Director of the Summit, was very happy to hold the Torch. Her enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious!

A video was shown http://www.youtube.com/v/XHVce7Yp8DY&hl

And some other members of the team from neighboring states introduced themselves.

Some scholar athletes were part of the programme

A littlle  history about the Harmony  torch, where it has been and who else has held it always is fascinating.

At this time the World Harmony Torch-Bearer Award and its purpose and background was also described.

We then presented the Torch-Bearer Award to Mr. Amir Dossal.

In addition to being the Special Envoy to the Peace Summit, he is also the founder and chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum and is widely respected for his multifarious initiatives that bring people together for a common good.

He graciously and symbolically passed the torch on to representatives of the scholar athletes.

Some of the scholar athletes in turn shared the country they were from and passed the torch on to their colleagues

This was especially fitting in keeping with the International Year of Youth (IYY) being celebrated through August 2011

The slogan of IYY is "Our Year- Our Voice" 

The theme of IYY is : “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding."

In this spirit we shared a moment together of Silence for Peace and Harmony.

Also receiving the Torch-Bearer Award was Paula Gallego, a scholar-athlete from Argentina. She received the award on behalf of all the participating nationalities.

There was some very interesting and inspiring music by Rob the Drummer from Hartford, CT as part of the evening events - uniquely entertaining. 

 The World Harmony Run banner

As the banner shows, the World Harmony Run proudly supports the International Year of Youth (IYY) and the International Year of Forests (IYF) proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly. *For more on "caretakers" and forests See also the UNESCO World Heritage (WH) Centre support for IY of Forests.  ... Convention for conservation of forest biodiversity. (more)

The  Youtube video on African experience (International Year of Youth - Zambia World Harmony) illustrates IYY slogan "Our Year Our Voice". The youth surprisingly mention Presidents and UN Secretary-General in a unique way! The powerful words and actions expressed an inspiring youthful energy similar to the intensity felt at this June 26 programme - especially when many participants shared the torch outside (see photos below and in the gallery).

Passing the Torch

- Sharing Harmony, Joy and Peace

As the young people and other observers streamed out of the sports arena they were able to hold the Torch and make a wish for harmony.

Many have already expressed a desire to organize a Harmony Run in their country.


The followup World Harmnoy Run Workshop will focus on how similar energy and events can be introduced in various countries and local communities.  

see report of 03 July :  usa/news/2011/offroute/0703

– Prakhara Harter + others

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