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USA 3 July: Hartford - World Youth Peace Summit

USA 03 July: Hartford, CT - World Youth Peace Summit (WYPS)- WHR Workshop

Our second stage of participation in the events in Hartford was at the World Youth Peace Summit (WYPS) on Sunday 03 July.

This day we had the honor of presenting a workshop to knowledgeable and curious teens and older youth.

Many of the participants had also taken part in the World Scholar-Athlete Games (WSAG) which began a week earlier also in Hartford, Connecticut.

The previous Sunday 26 June, some of our team had been part of  the Opening Ceremony for the WSAG (see Report and Photos here). 

With a mission to develop participants into successful peace advocates the Rhode Island based WYPS organization hosted workshops, panels and keynote speeches.  The WYPS athletes, scholars and artists attend these events to study peace policies and develop and implement their own “Pathways to Peace”.


We were met by the helpful WYPS team who directed us to  our workshop room.  Mr. Dan Doyle the founder of the WSAG was also on hand and graciously welcomed World Harmony Run Executive Director, Salil Wilson from Australia, who had been in Europe and not able to be present for last Sundays' WSAG  event.  

We also were able to catch some youth fencing before our workshop.

Today's WYPS Participants:

Most of today's group had seen the more general World Harmony Inspirations Video or something similar and the presentation in the opening WSAG ceremony.

We were fortunate to be met by many smiling faces in the audience who had consciously chosen to find out more.

They wanted to know how they could participate. They were eager to learn how we organize a successful international event that reaches so many people using sports and other activities as a way to further peace and harmony. This promised to be a challenging and engaging afternoon.

The WHR Workshop Agenda:

Our workshop team decided to focus more on practical aspects to introduced similar events in various countries and local communities. The members present had much experience from runs and variation of supporting events around the world. However we only had a short time for the workshop. Therefore. we decided to cover 10 items and be flexible based on the participants input and questions.

1. Confirming Participants origin and specific Interests

2. Example of Media Coverage of WHR

3. Four Schools presentation to WHR in Zambia Africa

4. Evolution of WHR from 1987 to present (Civic leaders to Schools)

5. Daily demands on Run during multi day or month event

6. WHR Torch Bearer Award.

7. World Harmnoy Run Banner and theme song - and local variations.

8. Moments of Peace and Harmony

9. Sharing the Torch with each person inside during the programme

10. Running with and passing the lit torch outside. 

------------------------ after the workshop ----------------------

11. Philatelic Pathways to Peace

12- IIS arranged interview by research team Texas A&M .

13. WHR materials: available for Workshop participants download  

1. Introduction and Confirmation of Expectations

Salil Wilson, began the workshop with a few statements and  solicited some responses from the audience to confirm that we had anticipated in general where they were from and what they wished us to speak about.

Salil's many years of experience and world travel, his relaxed manner and Australian humour sets the tone.

2. Example of Media Coverage of WHR

Because of the youth ages, interest level and Peace with Education focus of this audience we planned to begin with the 3 minute video excerpt of  message from Davidson Hepburn, President of UNESCO General Conference.  2011 and Beyond for WHR Participants (see Youtube Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=j--SW_eMzb0)

However, during setup, we had difficulty with the format of the sound track on the DVD we had with us. This little bump in the road of our planned agenda, provided the first opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility often necessary in the field with the World Harmony Run that we wanted to touch on at the workshop.

So Salil and Natabara quickly reviewed the other DVD's readily available and decided to go with a video showing an example of media coverage. The clip also included appearances and interview by legendary athlete Billy Jean King among others.

The video was also appropriate for the workshop as it provided a different (commercial broadcast media) perspective and showed how an event can be portrayed to a wider audience.

3. Four Schools presentation to WHR in Zambia Africa

Before the team arrived in Zambia for the first Harmony Run they did not know what to expect and were not sure how prepared the schools would be. However, the team was surprised beyond their imagination.  The video shows  powerful words and actions expressed an inspiring youthful energy at 4 different schools.

Zambia embraced the run and took it in a new direction with animated recitations related to their local situation

The students invoke President Obama and UN Secretary General in a surprising and unique way. Youth seen holding the torch say they are NOT looking to countries' presidents, United Nations Secretary-General or other leaders to change the world. Their "hour has come" and they voice where peace begins. See also:
-Full Zambia text report and photos at: /zambia/news/2010/1101
-Dr.Hepburn of UNESCO video extract and full text message at: /beyond2011

4. Evolution of WHR from 1987 to present (From Civic leaders to Schools) 

Prakhara Harter spoke about the first years of the run and how the "reaching out" to the wider community has changed. At first there were many civic leaders holding he torch at scheduled ceremonies along the route.

Now more schools and community groups along the route are involved. Prakara provided many interesting details of the process. She also gave good examples of how starting a project doesn't mean having the whole vision of the how the project may evolve over time. Flexibility, positive attitude and ability to observe what works best with local aspirations and expressions for harmony and peace can produce amazing results.

For example in Czech Republic Video we see the many different Czech ways to express harmony: by passing the torch; making a wish or prayer for peace, by planting trees, acting out harmony or singing and

by some very beautiful synchronized gymnastics, marching and twirling (starts at 4:42).

There are still important and very inspiring meetings with dignitaries. Click for video reports of


Passing the Torch (9)

In order to make sure that all participants had the chance to hold the torch in time available. we passed the unlit Troch around  the room while the programme continued.

Later, as planned, the torch was taken outside and lit. Some participants ran with it and passed it among their friends (see paragaph #10, towards end of report)

 5. Daily demands on Run during multi day or month event

Natabara shared a map of the USA which marked the route of the 2010 in continental United States.

He then gave some indication of a daily schedule and what it was like to organize a run on a daily and weekly basis for the 4 months of the 10,000 mile in all 48 / 50 states every 2 years.

Questions from the group were to the point and very practical.


Natabara provided some humorous examples of the unexpected on the run (le.g. big hailstones that made the runner carrying the torch laugh). See also utube video where running along the dramatic coastline of Spain, our runners came in for an unexpected shower: youtu.be/ddtJ8HjnVt0.

Other team members filled in from their experience of runs challenges and moments of intense satisfaction in different regions.

6. WHR Torch Bearer Award.

Two World Harmony Torch-Bearer Awards had been presented on 26 June to:.


  • Mr. Amir Dossal, Special Envoy from the United Nations to the World Youth Peace Summit
  •  Paula Gallego, a scholar-athlete from Argentina on behalf of all the participating nationalities.

Today, Natabara provided more background about the award and what it was like to present it to various recipents (from Presidents, Prim Minsters, civic leaders, celebrities or school children) . He spoke about the fact that sometimes those doing the most for peace and harmony in a local community are "un sung". He pointed out that by recognizing and appreciating the good qualities of others our own good qualities also grow. It can also strengthen what is valued in a community and help identify role models for others.

7. The Harmony Run Banner and Theme song

In order to capture the spirit of the run in many schools, we showed how we played a game at various locations of guessing where the WHR team members present were from.


Those playing today very quickly did guess correctly after some hints were provided. 

Based on their success, the students decided to challenge the team and add to the game. They suggested that we guess where some of them were from (either state or country)

The WHR team was having trouble with the tough clues for Massachusets. So we pleaded that we were playing as age 7 to 12 year school children.

Then we did eventually get Jamaica, West Indies. But only after some simpler and generous hints: like first letter of the country. 

World Harmony Run Banner:

We took a moment to introduced and look closely at the logos on the  banner for the year 

One banner we used today had information in Russian on the top and Ukrainian on the bottom. There was recently runs in a region where Russia, Ukraine and Belarus meet.

We had the good fortune that one of the WYPS students participating could translate the top of the  banner from the Russain. She confirmed that it shows, the World Harmony Run proudly supports the International Year of Youth (IYY) and the International Year of Forests (IYF) proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

  • At the opening ceremony last weekend the idea of "caretakers" was introduced. This fits well with the Year of Forests (IYF) and its support for related activities to "benefit of current and future generations". 
  • The year of  youth theme was especially relevant for this World Youth peace Summit. The slogan of IYY is "Our Year- Our Voice". The theme  is: “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding."
  • Correction: Some noticed Ukrainian text on the bottom of the banner (above) has a mis spacing. Two words"Біг заради" show as three words "Біг за ради". On seeing this post for 07 July, a representative of Ukraine WHR team now also offered an alternative translation for future: "Всесвітній біг заради гармонії з гордістю підтримує Міжнародний рік молоді і міжнародний рік лісів".  This is an example of how the world wide team and others around the world reading these reports help us improve (many thanks - see also different size sample baner below)

(Note: Year of forests in 6 official UN Languages + Ukrainian text (green) and Belarusian after).

Harmony Run Theme Song

We turned the banner around to see the World Harmony Run theme song on the back. We made our usual "disclaimer qualification" that we are "better runners than singers". We then requested assitance from those in the audience to join in singing.


The song was also printed on the information everyone had. One kind participant, who could read music, came forward to give us correct note for the second time we sang the song.

There was some support for performing a third round and even introducing the actions we do at schools - time did not allow.

We are collecting information on run and musical performances in many languages. This also is in keeping with the spirit of "International Mother Language Day" and other efforts by UNESCO and UN to support local languages.

*This banner has the words of the World harmnoy Run Theme song  in Russian. It is scheduled to be in Siberia for their Harmony run between mid July and mid August.

8. Moments of Peace and Harmony 

Salil, introduced how important it is to experience Peace and harmony on a daily basis and throughout the day.

In this spirit we shared a moment together of Silence for Peace and Harmony.

Because it was a mixed age and more mature group we gave a little more time for this exercise.

Sendoff for the Banner  to Siberia

Before we went outside to do some passing and running with the torch ..

There was time for some to hold the torch behind the multilingual WHR banner going for WHR in Siberia.

10. Running with and passing the lit torch outside. 

As soon as we were outside the energy jumped about 4 fold. 

Once we lit the torch and started to pass and run wth it, the "joy and happiness" energy level went even higher. 

Some started tentatively or solemly and then joining with friends to expressed the joy they felt holding world Harmony torch together.

There is something exciting and fulfilling about passing and sharing the torch.

More photos of many participants

Many others held the torch during and after the opening ceremony 26 june,  photos here:  /usa/news/2011/offroute/0626a


11. Philatelic Pathways to Peace

Some of the WHR team had time to see the stamp exhibit in the main hall. It contained some concise information about the Institute for International Spot History and the World Scholar-Athlete Games.


Various stamps on the panels are used to illustrate the countries participating and the events covered.

This unique exhibit reminded some WHR team members of the art and other "peace and harmony" exhibits we often experience at different WHR event locations around the world.. 

This exhibit is another good example of how people with different interest, hobbies or avocations can join together to draw attention to our common aspirations for peace and harmony. 

12- IIS arranged interview by Texas A&M research team

Institute for International Sport (IIS) who presents the WSAG and WYPS events arranged for us to be interviewed by a research team from Texas A&M University.


The Interview team is exploring the effects of sports in fostering peace in the world. The project is under the guidance of Dr. Jon Peachey (pictured above left).

We spent some time on the interview process with Chris Psutka from the University of Kentucky who was interested in how the World Harmony Run has been able to pass on the message of peace through athletics. It will be very interesting to hear in due course some of the results of their ongoing research and analysis.

Conclusion and going forward..

There were so many inspiring youth attending this conference that we look forward to future programs with the Institute for International Sport.

13. WHR materials: available for Workshop participants download  

We will be adding links to information mentioned during the workshop and our growing list of ways individuals, cities, civic groups and others can join in the efforts and events of World Harmnoy Run.

  • 2011 and Beyond Message:  2 page Brochure including excerpt from President of UNESCO General Conference, Davidson Hepburn's Statement and World Harmony music score. See also Full text of D.Hepburn's mesage
  • Sample of Jharna Kala -WHR Art Card given at approiate events
  • Examples of Various ways to organize, invite or join WHR team for events in various locations.

*For more on "caretakers" and forests, See also the UNESCO World Heritage (WH) Centre support for IY of Forests.  ... Convention for conservation of forest biodiversity. (more)

– Prakhara Harter, Adhiratha Keefe + others

Team Members:
WHR team + WYPS Workshop Paticipants (Astralia, New Zealand, USA + more (Russia, Ireland, Antigua, Jamaica etc.))

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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