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USA 15 March: Sanford

Today we visited 2 schools and the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford where we met with Sanford Mayor, Jeff Triplett and Central Florida Zoo CEO, Joe Montisano.

We began our day visiting Page Private School in Sanford. Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School students were waiting enthusiastically for us to arrive. We introduced ourselves as a local team and we would like to thank our friend Nancy, who drove from Tampa. All our gratitude to her!

We shared with the students about the importance of peace and harmony which begins with each of us.

Then, from us we can spread peace to our families, the community and the world at large.

Dave Sr. shared with students how they can become harmony builders in their community and kids gave excellent examples on how to be kind and considerate to one another to increase harmony in their lives.

They participated by drawing pictures on the theme of ‘Happiness’ and read poetry by founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy. Here are some of the poetry the students shared with us:

‘No happiness can be seen,

No happiness can be felt,

Without the heart’s

Peace smile.’

‘Where is my happiness?

It is inside my peace

And nowhere else.’


Is the beginning

Of self-confidence.’

We couldn’t leave without showing them our gratitude for having us at their school today. We gave principal Kathy Teseniar a certificate of appreciation from WHR Team and a painting by founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy, in the theme of ‘Happiness’.

As children left the auditorium we passed the peace torch from student to student so they could make their own wish for world peace.

Thank you so much for having us at your school.

Our WHR Team and a group of runners from Page Private School drove to the Central Florida Zoo to meet with Sanford Mayor, Jeff Triplett and Central Florida Zoo CEO, Joe Montisano.

We shared with them the message of the run which has visited more than 140 nations, inspiring millions of people of all faiths and backgrounds.

We wanted to honor them for their selfless service to the community with a Torch Bearer Award Medal.

Mayor Triplett received a medal for helping restore Downtown Sanford, supporting local businesses and serving his city selflessly. Central Florida Zoo CEO, Joe Montisano, received a medal honoring him and his staff for serving the community through the different educational programs that the Zoo offers to students in all of Central Florida and beyond.

To show our appreciation and gratitude, we offered them a print by the founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy. His art work has been displayed at the U.N. in New York City, the Louvre in Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, among many other international institutions. Mayor Triplett received a print of ‘Happiness’ on behalf of the city of Sanford, and the print is now on display in Sanford City Hall. Central Florida Zoo CEO, Joe Montisano, received a print of Sri Chinmoy as well with the message ‘Be Kind to Animals’ in honor of the Zoo. We also gave them both a book of Sri Chinmoy, tittled ‘The Jewels of Happiness’.

Mayor Triplett read a proclamation for the WHR. We are most grateful to him.

Thank you gentleman for taking the time from your busy schedules to meet with us today.

Before our next school presentation we stopped by to have lunch at the Riverwalk Café in Sanford where we had the most delicious sandwiches and the best Mocha! Dave, sharing his Mocha to the world, said it was too pretty to drink.

After lunch we headed for Holy Cross Lutheran Academy in Sanford.

Our first presentation was for the elementary school students, where we introduced the team and the message of the World Harmony Run. Students gave examples on how about to bring harmony in their lives and the message that peace begins with each of us, they gave great examples of being kind and nice to one another and also how to help others in need to bring peace in other people’s lives and become harmony builders; very smart kids!

David Jr. invited the students to feel harmony in their hearts by placing the right hand on their heart, repeating ‘Harmony Begins with Me’.

After our presentation some students read some of Sri Chinmoy’s poems in the theme of ‘Happiness’ and drew pictures with the same theme. They also had the chance to watch the WHR video and we sang and danced the WHR theme song. They all knew the song very well thanks to their music teacher who practiced with all of them the week before our arrival Way to go kids!

Our second presentation was for the Middle School Students. We introduced the team and the message of the run.

Dave Sr. encouraged students to become harmony builders by increasing harmony in our little world before we can spread harmony to others and the world at large. Students proceeded to watch the WHR video and afterwards, one by one students and teachers held the peace torch to make their own wish for world peace.

We would like to thank Reverend Paul Hoyer, Principal Rob Sinninger, teachers and students for having us at their school today and for their wholehearted and enthusiastic welcome to the WHR.

To share our gratitude we offered an appreciation certificate for the school and a painting of founder of the WHR, Sri Chinmoy, in the theme of ‘Happiness’.

Thank you so much for having us !


– Arpan

Team Members:
Dave Morrison,Sr. (Lake Mary, FL.), Dave Morrison, Jr. (Lake Mary, FL.), Jack Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.), Kevin Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.), Santiva Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.), Nancy (Tampa, FL.)