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USA 22 April: Sanford Plants Peace Tree on Earth Day

It was a rainy day in Sanford but it cleared up just on time for our Peace Tree Planting ceremony on Earth Day.

Elizabeth Harkey, from the Department of Parks in Sanford began the ceremony guiding us with the Pledge of Alligance to the flag.

Planting the Peace Tree with all of our guests of honor.


We welcomed Sanford Mayor, Jeff Triplett and special guests for joining us celebrating 500 yrs. of Florida’s Heritage.

This peace tree will be a reminder to all to reflect on bringing peace into the world and that peace begins with each of us.

We introduced the World Harmony RUn and the message that the Founder of the Run, Sri Chinmoy, wanted to offer to the world at large: that peace begins within each individual. The World Harmony Run was founded in 1987 to bring the message of peace and oneness by passing a flaming torch from hand to hand promoting international friendship and understanding, transcending political and cultural boundaries. The WHR visits more than 100 countries and past participants have included world leaders like Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, President Nelson Mandela, Athletes like Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali, Billi Jean King and many others.

We also introduced Sri Chinmoy, as a student of peace, dedicating his life to fostering the growth of peace inside the hearts of human being from all nationalities and faiths. He was a prolific author and poet as well as a musician and athlete. He wrote 1,568 books, he offered 770 peace concerts free of charge world wide, created over 16 million bird drawings, wrote over 20,000 songs and painted 220,000 paintings in his lifetime as contributions to world peace. He passed away on October 11, 2007.

On April 27, 1993 the state of Florida was Proclaimed “Sri Chinmoy Peace State” by Florida Governor Lawton Chiles. This beautiful plaque is in front of the Capitol Building in Tallahassee.

We are dedicating this peace tree to the founder of the WHR for his selfless service and dedication to world peace.

Sri Chinmoy always recognized and honored people who have inspired their nations, their cities and their communities through their own lives and deeds. We now present the Torch Bearer Award Medal to honor some these remarkable people for their hard work and achievements.


Today we honored three people from the city of Sanford. Mayor Jeff Triplett had the honor of offering these Torch Bearer Awards to these remarkable citizens. The first award went to Mike Kirby, Director of the Recreation Department the City of Sanford for his hard work and inspiration providing the City of Sanford through designing, developing, maintaining, and efficiently operating recreation facilities and offering a variety of quality recreation programs for the citizens of Sanford.

Our second recipient, Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith, was honored for the selfless service enhancing the quality of life in the city of Sanford by working in partnership with the community, within the framework of the constitution, to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide a safe environment. We would like to honor him along with all men and women who serve in the police department.

Our third recipient, Seminole High School Band Director Mr. P L Malcolm, second from right, is a true inspiration for his dedicated and selfless service to the arts through music. He conducts the second largest high school band in Florida receiving all superiors in MPA this year and we would like to honor him for inspiring his students every day to do their best and bringing forward his students musical talents.

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett thanked us for bringing the event to the City of Sanford donating the tree and plaque and told us how much he appreciates bringing peace and harmony to the community. We would like to offer our gratitude to the city of Sanford with a print of Sri Chinmoy with the theme of “Planting a Tree for World Harmony”. They will place it at Sanford City Hall.

We would also like to thank the students from Seminole High School Jazz Band and band Director PL Malcolm for coming to perform for us today. Thank you so much.


From left: Lisa Mosca of Sanford Public Information, Santiva Morrison, and Elizabeth Harkey from Sanford Parks Department.

Dave Morrison, Jr., his mother Santiva, organizer of the event, and Dave Sr.

We closed the ceremony with a quote by founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy:

“My ultimate goal is for the power of love to replace the love of power within each individual. My ultimate goal is for the whole world to walk together in peace and oneness”.

~ Sri Chinmoy~

We would like to offer our gratitude to the City of Sanford for their kindness and enthusiam in supporting this event today..

Santiva Morrison

– Arpan

Team Members:
Dave Morrison,Sr. (Lake Mary, FL.), Dave Morrison, Jr. (Lake Mary, FL.), Santiva Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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