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USA 16 March: Lake Mary

This morning we had an official ceremony at Central Park in Lake Mary City Hall by the Peace Tree. This peace tree was planted and inaugurated by Lake Mary Mayor, David Mealor, last April 2012 when the WHR passed through the Orlando area. It serves to remind us how about to bring peace in our community: Peace Begins With Each of Us.

We had the honor to have Lake Mary Mayor David Mealor, Deputy Mayor and Lake Mary City Commissioner Jo Ann Lucarelli, superintendent of Seminole County Public schools, Mr. Walt Griffin and his lovely wife, joining us for the ceremony. Our local world harmony run team and 6 families present with their children were also involved.

Lake Mary Mayor, David Mealor, opened the ceremony by saying that peace starts with each individual and each individual has the power to bring peace to the world.

Seminole County Public Schools superintendent, Walt Griffin said that peace is important and as a community servant he wants our community to be a peaceful place to live for all, especially the young, since he has a new grandchild.

With these inspiring words we all made our own wish for world peace, passing the peace torch from hand to hand as we began our peace walk to the Lake Mary Historical Museum.

At our arrival to the LMHM, the President of the Historical Society, Jane Kenovich, received the torch and welcomed city officials, special guests and the public to the museum where we began our ceremony.

I introduced the message of the World Harmony Run, the children’s art work where local, national and international children participated. I also introduced Sri Chinmoy, founder of the WHR and an accomplished artist.

His art work expresses a culture of peace; calling his art work ‘Jharna Kala’ or ‘Fountain Art’. This collection of ‘Paintings for World Harmony’ have been exhibited in different international institutions such as the Louvre in Paris, the U.N. in New York City and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Mayor Mealor welcomed everyone to the exhibit and read a Proclamation for the World Harmony Run. We are most grateful to him for his support and participation.

Next, it was time to honor our Torch Bearer Award recipients:

The first recipient was Lake Mary City Manager, Jaqueline Sova, for her selfless and dedicated service to our community.

The second recipient was Seminole County Public Schools Superintendent, Mr. Walt Griffin, for his support and dedication to the arts in Seminole County.

Last, but not least, President of the Historical Society, Jane Kenovich, for her selfless service to the Lake Mary Historical Museum.

Congratulations to all for your dedication and your inspiration through your selfless community service.

We wanted to express our gratitude to the city of Lake Mary for their support and they received a painting by artist and founder of the WHR, Sri Chinmoy, with the theme of peace. Superintendent of SCPS, Mr. Walt Griffin and president of the Historical Society, Jane Kenovich, received a painting with the theme of happiness. They also received the book by Sri Chinmoy ‘The Jewels of Happiness’. Thank you so much.

We also introduced our local winners from our WHR Drawing contest a couple of weeks ago during the Lake Mary Celebrates Festival. We picked the top 3 drawings of each age category who put more effort into their work. Mayor Mealor gave a certificate for each child and took a photo with them. Congratulations kids and thank you so much for participating!

To officially inaugurate our Children's Art and Jharna-Kala Exhibits, Lake Mary Mayor David Mealor and City Officials cut the ribbon.

Then it was time to view the exhibit and enjoy refreshments provided by the Museum.

We would like to thank Jennifer L. Acevedo for taking the time to bake for the event. Everything was delicious! You can find her baked goods at www.JennieSweets.com

Thank you so much!

We would also like to thank City Officials for their support, SCPS superintendent Mr. Griffin for coming to walk with us and his wife, the president of the historical society for working so hard putting up the exhibit.

I couldn’t had asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday today!


– Arpan

Team Members:
Dave Morrison,Sr. (Lake Mary, FL.), Dave Morrison, Jr. (Lake Mary, FL.), Jack Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.), Kevin Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.), Santiva Morrison (Lake Mary, FL.), Nancy (Tampa, FL.)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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