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Exemple de prezentare a AIAC la diferite evenimente (în limba engleză)

This page shows some different ways the 2010 International Year has been introduced during World Harmony Ceremonies. 

WHR Supports IYRC

For example:

In addition to the prominent placement throughout the 2010 International Launch of the World Harmony Run during April in New York;


Rising Sun, Maryland

Washington, DC:





Hungary - Full Day event in Budapest
Canada  - 4 days: Parliament, Interfaith and Unesco Heritage sites


USA  UtahArizona  

Nova Scotia, Canada

Philadelphia -

click for a full report of 2010 apr 19

Historic Christ Church

0419 Christ Church Philadelphia

We had a wonderful tour of the historic Christ Church where many of the founding fathers and their families attended over 220 years ago. The founder of the Run, Sri Chinmoy had said many years ago that the name of Philadelphia  "is a ringing bell, which is very, very haunting and, at the same time, illumining and fulfilling. As soon as I hear the word 'Philadelphia', no matter who utters it, I hear a bell ringing-like the Indian heart-temple-gong or the American church bell. Philadelphia, for me, always carries Divinity's Reality." 

ohil Christ Church assistants hold torch

Some very friendly and knowledgeable people who provide such wonderful background on this important church held the torch with us. They warmly welcome all the visitors who come from around the country and the world and expressed their appreciation for the run.

The UN and UNESCO International Year 2010 logo dedicated to "Cultural Diversity" was discussed as it appears on the banner carried by the runners this year. It felt especially appropriate to have it in Philadelphia which historically had many different cultures, religions and beliefs coming together.

*See also a  message from UNESCO received that Monday 19 April concerning the year 2010 and the Harmony Run,

 Philadelphia City Center

0419b run across from city hall

The runners crossed in front of City Hall with the statue of William Penn above.

phil run around Love Park Fountain

Love Park across from City Hall

There was then a run around the Love park and fountain across from City Hall

phil love park runners announce countires

and a short ceremony where the runners announced their different countries

phil love park runer announce country uk answer questions

and answered questions for the print, radio and television media present.

Phil runners share torch at Love park

They also shared the torch with others on hand...

phil runners sing world harmnoy run

The team sang the World Harmony Run theme song (first reminding the audience that they were mostly "runners not singers" and then exceeded expectations with their enthusiasm and  joyful rendition.)

The spirit that gave birth to the USA in Philadelphia had inspired the world. The League of Nations and then the United Nations were built on a continuation of those initial courageous actions in Philadelphia. 

..So it was very fitting to have a banner in support of the "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures" highlighted today with the World Harmony Runners and special guests in front of the famous "LOVE" emblem. 

St. Norbert School, Paoli

In  suburban Philadelphia ,Paoli, Pennsylvania,  our  team for the day was greeted by Principal Myra DiNicola and many excited students of the Saint Norbert School.

For local press coverage of the event, go to the Main line Media News web site - video, pictures 

Google news also picked up the item 

 phil stnorberts run before ceremony

After a very enthusiastic welcome and an energetic run around the parking lot, we went indoors for another great ceremony.

As part of the introduction, the International Year 2010 was again spoken about.

This time a number of children in the school joined in reading out part of the UN and UNESCO logo for year 2010 in different languages. 

children share torch after language

They then held the torch together with Gabriel who is fluent in the first two of the six languages on the years logo. 

phil principal St Norbet

We were also happy to learn about a special program for peace St. Norbert's was preparing for the following day.  The Principal, Mrs. Myra S. DiNicola, spoke with quiet conviction concerning the importance of harmony and love. She noted the guiding spirit for the educational values of St Norbet's that embraces diversity.

The teachers and staff joined with the principal to hold the torch and receive a certificate of appreciation from the runners.


All the students had a chance to hold the torch shared with the USA Team Captain.

Message from UNESCO 

* At events that day if was pointed out that in the same morning the World Harmony Run had received a message from Katérina Stenou, Director, Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue, UNESCO in Paris. She said "The main objective of 2010: International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures is not only to foster respect for each other's culture and break down the barriers between different cultures, but also to promote ideals of peace, fraternity and wellbeing". The World Harmony Run "corresponds perfectly to the objectives of the Year and covers multiple aspects and opportunities to promote dialogue through cultural interactions and the promotion of dialogue amongst people." 

Rising Sun, Maryland.

click for a full report of 2010 apr 21

Just the name of this town evokes enthusiasm and newness, no matter what the outside weather is like.

We were greeted by Mayor Judith Cox at the Rising Sun Elementary School along with the teachers, staff , Superintendent of Schools and Board of Education members. It was a real thrill to follow Mayor Cox into the auditorium of about 400 children and over 20 teachers and staff singing our World Harmony Run Theme song.

Most of the time, we sing this song to the children at the end of our program with the hope of having them sing along with us.


But this time they surprised us as they were so beautifully led by the music teacher, who enthusiastically played along on the piano.

During our presentation there were about 20 children standing behind us on the stage, each holding a flag of a different country that they themselves made.

Some of the children on this day were also dressed in traditional costumes of their respective country for the program.

This diversity of flags and attire fit very nicely well with the Logo for the UN and UNESCO Year 2010 which is on the run banner this year. The Harmony Run supports the goals of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures: reaching out to others, sharing and appreciating our cultural diversity is important.

Mayor Cox read out a wonderful proclamation  to "recognize the World Harmony Run 2010 and to proclaim this day as the day that each and every individual may begin their Individual Quest for Peace."

The children showed much eagerness to participate in the days program.After our presentation and song, we had a wonderfully inspiring speech by Henry Shaffer, Cecil County Superintendent of Schools.

He told everyone that he has two prayers that he says every night before going to bed:

  • That he makes proper decisions for the good of the children every day and
  • That there be peace on Earth.

It was quite a sight to see so many different flags being displayed at the school. This fit perfecty with the theme of the Harmony run and the appreciation of cultural diversity of the year 2010 mentioned above. 

Before the children filed out of the auditorium, they each had a chance to touch or hold the Torch and offer a moment of silence or a nice thought that we could pass on to the next community.

 Seeing Countries for Classes 

We then had the privilege of getting to see some classrooms

Which were happy to show us the country they had been studying (Iceland)

A tour of the hallways gave a good indication of how  the children decorated their classroom doors in various ways with a theme of a country.(Spain)

Not only was it an educational experience for them and for visitors,(Romania)

But it was also quite a creative (Costa Rica)

and educational as well as aesthetic project. (Puerto Rico)

Visit our gallery to see more! (Hungary)

Washington DC

click for a full report of 2010 apr 22

Oneness Family School and Peace Academy

One of the major highlights of the World Harmony Run in the USA, especially at the very beginning, is being hosted by the Oneness-Family School and Peace Academy in Chevy Chase, Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C.

About 20 teachers and over 140 students welcomed us .

hrmony run Program at Oneness Family School


During the program, Atulya Berube, the Captain of the 2010 USA team spoke 

After some brief introductions,

playing music

the children took over, offering us very creative and uplifting music for peace and harmony.

playing with concentraion and poise

The concentration and poise held everyone's joyful attention

Music teacher Carrie Rose had the children playing a ‘concerto’

boom tubes playing

on the ‘boomtubes’ which took quite a bit of practice to coordinate. The diverse color instruments and sounds worked wonderfully together ... 

The children's comments, participation and inquisitive smiles moved all those present ...

The UN and UNESCO theme for  2010 "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures" and their efforts to demonstrate the beneficial effects of cultural diversity was explained to us. This includes highlighting the importance of coming together for borrowings, transfers and exchanges between cultures.

6 languages of UN UNESCO year 2010;

This was the first location where the staff and students were able to read out phrases in all of the 6 UN Official languages that appear on the Logo for the year. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. In answer to a question later in the day, it was noted that the space on the bottom of the logo (just after the 6th language) could be used to insert other languages from a host or visiting country!

language participants hold torch

Those who joined during one of the language exercises had a chance to hold the torch together

E Pluribus Unum = "out of many, one"

usa coins e Pluribus Unum - From many ,One

One of the USA run coordinators also pointed out that the Latin Phrase "E Pluribus Unum" which means "out of many, one" would be very relevant for America's celebration of the year. In the USA this phrase appears on many coins. Can you find it on the back of some?

usa 5 cent coin aka nickle e pluribus unum

E Pluribus Unum is also seen in the USA House of Representatives and Senate and on the Seal of the USA in passports etc.

The banner which is displayed in our 2010 ceremonies includes the logo for  UNESCO and the UN for this wonderful initiative. There are varying ways of implementing this universal and much needed theme.

Unique Colors - Make up the whole

year 2010 to show color strands

Some saw a similarity to the different color and sounding boomtubes which the children earlier played. For instance, at the top of the logo for the year 2010 there are many different color strands which join together, yet each one keeps its unique quality to make the whole.

runners and school join in song

The runners and the children sang together the World Harmony Run Theme song.

Instructor June Lang who organized most of the program so beautifully as she has done in the past years, offered us some more songs with the children singing and teaching us at the same time. 

Embassy of Bangladesh, Washington D.C

We were invited to visit the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington, DC. 

We had a wonderful meeting with H.E. Akramul Qader, the Ambassador of Bangladesh to the USA. 

We carried the Torch into their very colorful function room where a traditional village hut was set up as part of the Bangladeshi New Years just celebrated a few weeks ago. 

Ambassador Qader was presented with the World Harmony Run "Torch Bearer" Award. It was noted that the Ambassador had stressed most persuasively on many occasions how important he believed culture was to peace. Some of the runners had also previously met with Ambassador Qader, when he made a special trip to NY to support the Celebration of International Mother Language Day in February sponsored by the Society of Foreign Consuls.

He spoke quite eloquently about Bangladesh’s contributions to peace and international cooperation. Also the cultural and literary contributions of Bangladesh to the world community were noted by him and his minister who very kindly introduced all the speakers.

At the end of the ceremony we sang our World Harmony Run song for them, but they surprised us and enthusiastically sang along with us. Then they treated us to some delicious refreshments including traditional samosas. We are very grateful to the Ambassador and his staff for spending so much time with us and treating us with real warmth and oneness.

Eisenhower Elementary, Clearwater Florida

(for full report and more photos of May 4th click here)

At Eisenhower Elementary, we were greeted by over 700 enthusiastic students and many teachers eagerly awaiting our arrival.

At one point after we all sang, a group of children came up to recite and read from a small book of poetry and sayings about harmony.

Much to the children's delight and excitement the teachers and staff take a lap around the court with the torch. This always a highlight for the kids and us.

A Thank You Harmony Heart's sweetest fragrance 

Thank You heart from Children

All the children and teachers made a huge heart shaped formation to say "Thank You" formation.

It included everyone aswell as the Harmony Run Banner with the 2010 UN and UNESCO International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures Logo. 

  • When we ask where harmony and peace begin inside us most people usually say or point to their heart.
  • “Harmony is the heart’s sweetest fragrance”, so says Sri Chinmoy

Pinellas Central Elementary School.

At the Pinellas Central Elementary School. We were greeted outdoors by over 600 students and teachers. 

"Be A Buddy, Not A Bully". 

After our program and singing of our theme song, the children, with the help of one of the enthusiastic teachers, sang for us a song they wrote for their special day called, ‘Be A Buddy, Not A Bully’.

The chorus of the song went like this “I don’t want to be a bully, no way, not me. I don’t want to be a bully, so a friend I’ll be.” We shared with the children the importance of harmony and friendship as represented by their special song and how we are also trying to share those qualities as we run.

The enthusiastic Principal, Faye Webber with some of the teachers then led the students around the field with the torch to the delight of everyone.

The children were quite well behaved even though there were so many hundreds of them as they took turns touching the torch and offering their kind thoughts for peace and harmony.

We try to offer everyone an opportunity to share in the expression of goodwill and harmony, offering whatever they can, in whatever way they are inspired. We carry those good thoughts, wishes and prayers to the next location.


children with the Greek flag

Running with Banner

for a full report of 2010 May 6th day see: 


Greece School children run with banner

Greece School Children enjoy running with the banner.

participating in the world harmony run

at Ekbedevtiria Panou Private School in Nafpaktos.

Three different Sports clubs joined to escort the torch to city

Then three different sports Clubs joined to escort the torch to the city

The children performed dances and acrobatics and joyfully held the torch

where they were met in the main square by a crowd of Spectators, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and a brass band as well as children who performed dances and acrobatics and happily held the torch. 

 Three schools join for a programme

For full report of 2010 May 07 see:


3 schools come together infront of banner and city background

Three schools join  together for Programe at Amfilochia Primary School in front of banner, with city as background

Children with their Harmony Run Drawings

.thThe children had prepared nice drawings and gave them to our international runners for our next exhibition.

The torch lights up the cave

For full report of 2010 May 08 see:



First at  a soccer field near Ioannina the torch and banenr began the day;

..where some members enjoyed the torch ...

then we took the toch  to a cave in Perama.

...a group picture with our great guide...
…μια ομαδική φωτογραφία με το σπουδαίο οδηγό μας…

...we were glad to have the flaming Torch with us - it came in extremely useful for the simple purpose of lighting the way...
…ήμασταν ευχαριστημένοι που είχαμε μια αναμμένη δάδα μαζί μας. Χρησίμευσε σε έναν απλό σκοπό: να φωτίζει το δρόμο… 


For full report of day 2010 May 09 see:


Representatives of five countries planting a peace tree  

The extended international team on the streets of Zhalantun.

national and International team share torch

National and International Team Share the Torch.

Interantional musicans performwith 2010 IYRC Logo Banner

International musicians on team perform for audience with 2010 IYRC on run Banner.

Team on ancient ‘triadic’ bridge

Team on an ancient ‘triadic’ bridge.


Khavirga Border Point (Хавирга боомт)

 Report of day 2010 May 15 see:


Border chiefs and staff form lines to warmly welcome international team of runners entering country.

Гүйлтийн багийнхан болон гаалийн ажилтнууд хамтдаа хил дээр эв найрамдлын 4 мод суулгалаа.  

Four peace trees were planted by border staff and Harmony Run members.

  • and share torch with 2010 banner

  • at the starting point of 2,600 kilometer journey with Torch of Harmony and Peace in Mongolia.

 The Following days events have incredible ceremonies, buildings and pictures  -- for example

Хөвсгөл аймгийн Мөрөн хот

for full report of 2010 May 31 see:


Аймгийн ИТХ-ын дарга Б.Пүрвээ, Мөрөн сумын засаг дарга Халтар нар галт бамбараас барьж байгаа нь

Гурван Аварга спортын дунд сургуулийн багш сурагчид

Hungary - Full Day event in Budapest

For full report of day 2010 May 14 see:


World Harmony Run


  • There was so much enthusiasm and energy

  • During the run, many went at their own speed.

And it was all part of culture, artistic, sporting, entertaining, sensational and educational activities in a public space where many participated....with a theme :

 "We can have harmony if we have a deep reverence for Mother Nature."


The many thousands of children made drawings on the theme of harmony and the importance of love and the protection of our environment.

  • The paper that they drew on was arranged in shape of a huge tree representing a live tree and the tree of life.
The life tree canvas which looked barren a few hours ago, at sun up...,

  • Now was alive with activity!

  • with color

  • And greatly added to the festive occasion.


Ashrita Furman, who holds the World Record

for the most Guinness World Records, was also in Budapest for this event. With his friend, Bipin Larkin, they also set a new record.

This increased media coverage of the day's events. 

  • As well as longer interviews with Ashrita

The stage provided an ongoing focus at one end of the park for the day

  •   And the different language run banners provided a back drop for the upcoming day's events.

In this  great performing space for the bands and other

Performers included singers, dancers, gymnastics, acrobatics and much more...

With great jumping that inspired the younger ones to see what they could eventually do

  • And some impressive rope skipping.


The run banner and logo for the 2010  "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures".,

  • which had been observed all day at different events

was discussed in answer to questions from the moderator:
  • The translations of the 6 official UN languages appearing on the banner, were identified.
  • The symbolism for the logo's graphic in many different color strands, was also appreciated.  
  • Budapest provided a platform  to learn, especially significant because so many children were present who represent our future.
Austrian Clown Magician Magnificently entertains

After the magician finished some of the children eagerly climbed on stage

  • To have their picture with the Tulasi the magician and the banner with the 2010 logo

World Heritage sites

Next to the plaza is Heroes Square, at the end of Andrássy Avenue which is part of World Heritage related to Budapest(link: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/400. So it was very appropriate that toward the end of a very full day

  • Some children joined for pictures holding the torch and banner with the very impressive warriors on horses watching in the background.
  • Another group of children had other significant Historical figures in the square watching them.

Finally that evening some of the local participants and international runners took the banner to two other sites in Budapest mentioned in World Heritage Preservation list

  • Including the Banks of the Danube


  • The Buda Castle Quarter

Honorary Adjudicator 15 May 2010

The painter, vészabó_noémi, who served as honorary adjudicator pointed out that it was a record for Hungary to have so many children participates in painting together for such a good cause.

She also sent a beautiful letter, partially excerpted here:

"The spectacle was amazing and unforgettable - and it still exists in our hearts. ...The children know the secret, they dare to believe - and here on this square the many thousands of children have created ....the message of Love to make the world a better place...""What kind of world do we live in?    In a wonderful world! Because we have faith in the goodwill and willingness.


This was an amazing day for the World Harmony Run in Hungary.

For a brief summary of the day (in Hungarian Language) with some initial beautiful photos and a links to seven public media reports with their photos see: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/hungary/budapest_guinness 


Parliment Hill, Interfaith and Unesco Heritage sites

- Ottawa Parliament Hill

Report of 25 May see: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/canada/news/2010/0525

There was a beautiful World Harmony Run ceremony in West Block, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. Among the guests were Speaker of the House and  Members of Parliament.

We were honoured by the presence of many from the Diplomatic Community. They are pictured below after participating in the traditional World Harmony Run "Parade of Nations". (Countries in alphabetical order: Albania, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Cameroon, Croatia, Eastern Carribbean, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, Senegal, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Ukraine.)

Dignitaries are joined, in the photograph above, by individuasl from: S.O.S. Children’s Villages Canada; CHF (Canadian Hunger Foundation); The Running Room;  Canadian Assoc. for the Advancement of Women and Sport (CAAWS);  Sports 4;  World Wildlife Fund-Canada;  Athletes Canada, and Ryan's Well Foundation.

Torch-Bearer recipients and good friends (from left) Geoff Green and Ray Zahab.

The ceremony program included presentations of the Torch-Bearer Award to two outstanding individuals, Geoff Green and Ray Zahab, who are not only remarkable role models for self-transcendence but who also use their life passions to serve, educate and inspire humanity, especially today’s youth. Geoff is the founder of Students on Ice polar expeditions and Ray is the founder of impossible2Possible.

The logo for year 2010 was spoken about as was The message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all run participants. Other messages were also mentioned that further described the significance of 2010 and the Run.

Full of inspiration from the ceremony on Parliament Hill, it was now our turn to run with the Torch. We set out for the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, nestled below the embankment of Parliament Hill.

The blue sky and the blazing sun made for a 34 degree near record setting temperature run, the kids did not seem to notice the heat.

Our first break at the Rideau Canal, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

World Harmony Run team members greeted by Francesco Corsaro of the historic Bytown Museum which is situated along the Rideau Canal. Off to our next destination along the beautiful Confederation Boulevard loop which circles between Quebec and Ontario.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec, was our next stop; it is a beautiful building overlooking the Ottawa River and Parliament Buildings.


Toronto - Interfaith events

During past years Interfaith events have been a regular feature of
the World Harmony Run in Toronto. This year was no exception and has special relevance since the UN and UNESCO are celebrating 2010
as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.

Link for full events of  23 may or 21 May in Toronto

FJRCH School picture 2

The Father John Redmund Catholic High School and Lakeshore Collegiate students with the World Harmony Run team on 21 May. 

At the Ceremony 

FJRCH School - presentation of Award

The Honorable Jean Augustine, was invited to receive the Torch Bearer Award.

FJRCH School - Jean Augustine pic 2

and the torch.

 Two days later.....

Interfaith runners Toronto pic 2

The World Harmony Run team was greeted and joined by a group of 20 youth and adults of the Sikh faith - Guru Sabha Gurudwara on 23 May.

Interfaith two smiling

Father Terry Gallagher who had spoken at the Father John Redmond Catholic High School on 21 May (and is very active in the interfaith movement)
enthusiastically joins in the days events with Shivaram, coordinator
for the Harmony Run Toronto activities."

Interfaith Buddhist temple Toronto

The team then visited the Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Centre. Later we had a brief World Harmony Run ceremony in a yoga studio where the members also learn the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


The events in Kingston on 16 May concluded at an important site

Murney Tower Kingston

The final destination of the day was the Murney Tower, which has now of course been converted to peaceful purposes and houses a museum.

Heritage Site Kingston 

One of the reasons for choosing the Murney Tower as the final location for this fun-filled day, was to celebrate and recognize the importance of this UNESCO World Heritage site. 


Ski Champion, Child leads to Peace Bridge, View + Banner from Balcony

3 June: Puchenstuben - Ternberg 

The team  was warmly welcomed in Göstling by the friendly Mayor and people from the community -

In Göstling hieß uns der Bürgermeister sowie Bürger der Gemeinde herzlich willkommen

among them, famous alpine ski champion, Kathrin Zettel.

, unter ihnen die bekannte Skifahrerin Kathrin Zettel. 


This is the main purpose of the World Harmony Run: to connect people from all walks of life, big and small, old and young, world-famous and grassroots level, in a family-like way. Everyone can contribute something to make the world a better place.

Das ist eines der Hauptanliegen des WHR: Menschen aus allen Bereichen des Lebens freundschaftlich zu verbinden.

A Child Leads us...

Shortly before we reached Reichraming, a little girl from the community, very eager to hold the torch, accompanied us to town.

A Peace Bridge

She showed us the way to an especially significant location - a Peace-bridge, built by young people from Austria, Israel and Palestine, symbolising hope of Israel and Palestine living together harmoniously in the future.

Kurz bevor wir Reichraming erreichten, begleitete uns ein Mädchen aus dem Ort und führte uns zu einem Platz mit besonderer Bedeutung: Einer Friedensbrücke, die von Jugendlichen aus Österreich, Israel und Palästina errichtet wurde und die Hoffnung auf ein friedliches Zusammenleben der beiden arabischen Staaten zum Ausdruck bringt.


An exceptionally warm and heartfelt reception followed.

Nun folgte ein außergewöhnlich warmer und herzlicher Empfang.

People from the community, both runners and non-runners, had gathered...

Viele Menschen aus der Gemeinde, Läufer und Nicht-Läufer, hatten sich versammelt...

The Mayor welcomed us warmly, and spoke about the history of the community and its projects and efforts for fostering peace and Harmony in the Community.

Der Bürgermeister hieß uns herzlich willkommen und erzählten uns auch von den Initiativen der Gemeinde zur Förderung des harmonischen Zusammenlebens in der Gemeinde.

There was a real feeling of unity...

Es war wie ein Familientreffen...

previously 1 June: Vienna

The World Harmony Run arrived in Vienna, the capital of Austria! What would a visit to Vienna be without seeing the Emperor's Castle, Schönbrunn?

Der WHR erreicht Wien, die Hauptstadt Österreichs!  Was wäre ein Wienbesuch ohne die Residenz des ehemaligen Kaisers, Schloss Schönbrunn?

..we arrived at around noon and were welcomed by a delegation from the Schönbrunn administration and the state department for gardening...

Als wir gegen Mittag eintrafen, empfing uns eine Delegation der Schlossverwaltung und der Bundesgärten...

..a group picture on the spectacular Emperors' Balcony!

...ein spektakuläres Gruppenfoto auf dem Balkon des Kaisers!

After the meeting we were invited on a guided tour through some of the palace rooms which are not open to the public. Very impressive murals!...

Nach dem Empfang wurden wir zu einer speziellen Führung durch Räumlichkeiten des Schlosses eingeladen, welche normalerweise der Öffentlichkeit nicht zugänglich sind. Sehr eindrucksvolle Wandmalereien!...

Austria 2 June: Vienna - Puchenstuben 

Running in Rain with friends and smiles

Sports friends...


Our next stop is in Frankenfels for a reception by the Mayor. Runners from Lauftreff Pielachtal were also there prepared to join us for the next 8 km of uphill running in unremittingly inclement weather!

Unsere nächste Station war Frankenfels. Der Bürgermeister emfing die Läufer herzlich, und Läufer des Lauftreffs Pielachtal standen bereits in den Startlöchern, bereit, das Team 8km bergauf im heftigen Regen zu begleiten!

..but in the heart, the sun is continuously shining!

Aber im Herzen schien immer die Sonne 

USA - Bluff, UT - Tsegi, AZ

for a full report of 01 June see:  http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/usa/news/2010/week07/0601

This morning a few of the team began the day with a morning watching the sunrise in Valley of the Gods. As always, it was truly beautiful.


We stayed as long as our schedule allowed before departing for our share of  teh day's miles.

There has been lots of rain out here so there are wild flowers in abundance.

This is the famous place where Forrest Gump said he was going to turn around. This team kept going especially to see the children and young at heart waiting for the run up ahead.

Monument Valley

Our first appointment was with the children of the Monument Valley Head Start Program who ran with us.

Navaho reservation.

Our next stop was at a school on a Navaho reservation. We were greeted by adorable children from the Rural Utah Head Start Program.

While we waited for the runners to arrive with the torch Surya and Kshetragna entertained the children by teacking them Russian.

The kids got really excited when the runners finally arrived, so the runners did a lap of honor round the playground. These children were a bit too young to play our usual "guess our country" game, so we taught them to say "thank you" in all our different languages

Performing the World Harmony Run song.

and watching others

After the the ceremony the women's team started a long afternoon run. They were scheduled to run the next 40 miles of the route.

Interesting flags in Navajo land.

We camped the night at Gouldings and this was our view.

A natural arch right by our campsite - stunning. Some of us slept on the rocks under the stars.

One of our camping friends.

This is one of the most scenic days on our entire trip so here's some more photos to share the experience.

Mexican Hat.

Nova Scotia, CA



There was a wonderful experience with the Auburn Drive High School's Diversity Club which carried the torch and a message to the run participants that they took turns reading out at two local junior high schools. The message was from the President of the Governing Council of UNESCO about  2010, the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures as a "wonderful opportunity to creatively celebrate cultural diversity and its role in forging ties between cultures and people." 

Halifax  10 June 2010

for full report of 10 june go to: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/canada/news/2010/0610

The run banner carried on 10 June shows support for the Year 2010 goals.

The logo for year contains many different color strands. It was noted that although the strands join together at one end to make a distinct shape they still keep their unique color. This was especially appreciated at the different schools today. 

Enfield Elementary School

We all sang O Canada, our national anthem, as the customary start of the school day.
  • Then the choir with 12 African drummers sang the World Harmony Run song with many subtle variations ...

  • Under the loving direction of their music teacher Gillian Connolly, whose song score was surrounded with hand-drawn colourful hearts. 

Virtues - Gifts of Character

We each were given cards with Virtues:

52 virtues.  Since in 2010 the UN and UNESCO’s are celebrating and appreciating cultural diversity, many of the values expressed have special relevance this year.. (For example: friendliness, respect, understanding..This theme was further explored at the following schools below)


  • The children shared the torch after a lovely ceremony 

With the passing of the torch, did you notice the different Virtue Gift illustration signs on the wall?

  • The choir had a chance to see the torch up close. 

  • As sweet Enthusiasm looks on from behind!

  • And some came for a photo with the banner and art work that had been prepared for display just behind. 

 Elmsdale Elementary School

We relayed the torch to Elmsdale District Elementary School

  •   Where the children enthusiastically received it with much joy.

Then we all went to meet the other children in the gym and played a few harmony games. The children yelled harmony so loud the children in Africa and China could hear them.

They pointed out the 6 languages on the symbol for the year 2010. While noting it would take quite a bit more space to list all the other languages used in the world.

Maple Ridge Elementary School

At Maple Ridge Elementary School, Principal Heather MacKeil greeted the runners.


Noteworthy are the virtue banners lining the walls. Mr. Adhiratha Keefe, former United Nations and UNICEF staff member for over 30 years, led the games and talked about how 2010 is the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures as designated by the United Nations and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

This effort, as the banner shows, is supported by the World Harmony Run as the theme of cultural diversity and exchanges between cultures fits very well with the ongoing multi-year efforts of the World Harmony Run. The  logo for year 2010 very much added to the presentations today.

Teachers receive the World Harmony Run torch and Certificate with the principal.


Riverside Education Centre

Runners from the third school which was next (Riverside Education Center) and physical education teacher and coach, Drew Moore arrived during the ceremony of the third school to join in expressions of oneness and receive the torch from the students and teachers

and then to run the torch 8.5 km to REC.


The route was hilly and hot and the kids were really amazing. They were enthusiastic and each one was very determined.

All their training paid off as they turned off the main road toward REC . 

Well done!!

Appreciative Reception awaits

The support vehicle with water and encouragement was driven by Susan Zurawski, special education teacher from REC. 


  • Susan’s class came down to the main road 


  • with banners they had made to cheer along with others their runners as they turned up the last hill to the school.

The students formed a circle in the field, and linked arms in a sign of harmony.

  • Some people came to hold torch together after we spoke of the 6 languages on the banner.
  • This followed part in programme where some from the group had volunteered to come up

  • To represent  one of the less familiar languages on the 2010 logo such as when Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Arabic were mentioned ,

We also discussed others languages that might be added,

  • And we were delighted to have some students at REC who knew the regional Mi’kmaq language and would come forward to hold the torch together. Especially since the next school was to be in Indian Brook. (see next school below)

With much appreciation for Drew and Susan the two main organizers of today's great events with REC.



LSK (L’nu Sipuk Kina’muoKuom)

Grade 10 student Colin Peter-Paul took the torch and ran it strongly up the hill to Leon Knockwood, with their flag and the banner 

  • They ran together to meet phys education teacher and organizer Robyn Greene

Then to Councilor Rufus Copage representing Chief Jerry Sack.

That is quite the hill and they were fast and strong!!!

Andrew Marr and Joanna Paul received the torch at the entrance to the school

  • And carried it quickly to the school for the planned ceremony.

Thank you to the team! Many other students, parents and teachers were waiting to join and show their support

 Musical Welcome

The World Harmony Run was greeted with the Mi’kmaq gathering song beautifully and enthusiastically sung by the elementary students and the music director and drummer, Mr. Curtis Michael.

What wonderful community energy and spontaneous spirit. Awesome!



  • Many were able to hold the torch

We played some harmony games which introduced the runners and where they were from. There was also a chance to explain the meaning of the run and UN and UNESCO’s celebration of  2010 as year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.


The message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010 was mentioned at many schools today..

President Hepburn was a friend of the Founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy, for over 30 years and they participated in many inspiring initiatives together, like today's programme..


There was a moment to feel peace


and harmony together.

Other messages were also mentioned that further described the significance of 2010 and the Run and the importance of local events that provide a platform for people to come together. It was also pointed out that in February of each year a day is celebrated as Mother Language Day.

The printed words for some of the beautiful Mi’kmaq language expressed today were also shared with the runners.

  • This further link is to a song in language sang today for us


The runners sang the World Harmony Run Theme song and were richly rewareded when


  • The school children also offered to perform again. The last song was O Kanata sang very powerfully by the choir.

LSK (L’nu Sipuk Kina’muoKuom)

  • It was a beautiful and sweet finish to a great day.

An inspiring day for all who were able to visit the area 

The World Harmony Run wishes to offer a very special thank you to Susan for inviting and inspiring the World Harmony Run to come to the schools in the Enfield – Shubenacadie area. What an enriching experience! 

The culture and artistic variety was well appreciated by all participants of the run events. The lively big murals on the values themes and  handmade banners on the theme of peace and harmony that the students made to welcome the runners into the school were impressive. The musical welcome with drums in the morning to the afternoon of inspiring music and haunting rhythm will echo in our hearts and memories of this day .

Even the landscape today in Nova Scotia offered us a special Serenity message.

Peggy's Cove and Lighthouse

A team member remembered that the Harmony run in 2008 had gone by the scenic Peggy's Cove. So the next day some local and international runners visited with the new banner.

  • There were stunning views from the rocks with the sound of  crashing surf

  • the beautiful lighthouse with the sun beginning to set

  • Invited us for closer look with the banner


  • From there we took in the beautiful oneness and uniqueness of the sky, sun and sea