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USA 19 August: PART 2 - NYC Flushing Meadow - Great day - more photos

The New York City Parks Department welcomed the World Harmony Run in a big way on August 19th at Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The initial report released soon after the event (Part 1 of 2) and photos are at:


Below is some additional text and many photos (Part 2 of 2) for 19th Aug:


Incredible views of the World Harmony Runners and Unisphere

The Park Lakefront and Sri Chinmoy Heart Garden: 

This followup (Part 2 ) contains additional photos of :


- Campers who received the World Harmony "Torch Bearer Award"

- Activities at the various country tables, tents and other areas.


Coming to the park:

It was wonderful to meet up with some of the early arrrival campers

we had visited during the past 2 months at their camps in the various Bouroughs of NYC. 

And to see...

And appreciate the signs they had made to encourage the runners.

Then we had the unexpected chance...


To see Ashrita Furman attempt to Break a record in honor of the days activities...

Some were racing to keep up

We noticed the mesage on Ashrita's Shirt:  "There is only one Perfect road, and that road is ahead of you, Always Ahead of you

  Ashrita had to sweat and strain a bit...and borke the record..


Then shared with allof us the joy by 

runing together after the Ashrita's Record was announced:

We then had a chance to share more about the run

 And to share stories,


  As well as sing together


 And answer questions





and share together the spirit

 and adventure of the USA run


Reviewing the route the runners went in USA, using the Map the Campers had made.

Then we set off together

 to make our way to the lakefront ceremony wher more were waiting to greet us 

From the Unisphere

many smiles


and sharing carrying the torch...

Going by thr Worlds Fair Pravilion land marks

And over the bridge

Past the beautiful

Sri Chinmoy Heart-Garden

To the Lake font stage area 

And start of the Ceremony...

 Looking out at the Lake Front and Heart-Garden:


 Where some international Visitors ( some in their national or historical dress)

were also waiting

to greet the runners

And appreciate the Torch Bearer Award recipients

From the various summer camps


The crowd was very friendly

and attentive

The counselors and staff representing the individual camps, explained why each camper had been chosen. 

It was very inspiring to hear about all the different abilities and good qualities of so the campers.   


Each one so unique 

  Campers as they receive the Harmony Awards...

And the various camps who cheered as their representative received their award.




Singing for us

Now it was time to share with everyone the song some of the campers had been practicing:

Showing everyone the song they had been practicing:

More had a chance to hold the torch



And then more time...

  In the various Country and Quality display areas>

Some of the Good Qualities activity areas also were also very near 

The beautiful Garden

  A little bit of Historical Role Play

with some action figures


 who wer able to change their tought stances





To engaging Smiles  

 As the children became part of the game


And acted out some parts with some costume pieces...

So many countries and flags


And games 



 Will they catch up?


The chance to have some more

active games in between the other activities was fun...

Some time to learn new things

Or add our own creative inspiration

Some places were very popular

and being brave enough to taste what they themselves had just created

Seeking and receiving guidance



Experiencing something new


From another part of the world.

With a break in a different county area...

  Listening to the different accents and explanations



 Activly involved in different coutural experiences together


So many activities in the various country tables,

Interesting to see the tents and other areas transformed for the day....

Some more amazing faces


And sharing how many things are done...

Now some more national games...

The Australian and New Zealand "Gum boot" throw was so popular that as soon as a photographer got close to the event, they forgot to take pictures as they were so involved in the activity of throwing the boots. .. an participating in analysing the different techniques...and hilariously laughing

Next time we will have to remind them to have a "desiginated photographer" who can cover when the others are so involve and want to participate in the event

 Campers added their individual messages and artistic creations

Interspersed with other joyful activities

Now lets try that type of Ball Ashrita used to set the new record...

The egg on spon contest gave everyone joy

Or showing our skill

with multiple balls

and goal keepers...

Some of the runners had a chance to pose with the torch and banner in front of

Sri Chinmoy Heart Garden

 Was originally dedicated in Oct 2006.



We will carry this day in our hearts for some time.


 See the Ceremony and photos for end of  the USA run on 23 August across form the UN in Manhattan






– Adhiratha, Shatapatri, Prashphutita, Apagua and others

Team Members:
Arpan De Angelo (NYC), Antaraloy Aalto ((Finland)), Shatapatri Mahar (Canada), others to add (country to add)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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