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Harmonemail - May

Dear Darya, Ksenia, Anita and Sabine,

It was nice to get to know you all. Success for the coming days.
Regards from Waalre (Jori, Edwin, Agnes and Vic)

Jori, Edwin, Agnes and Vic Waalre, The Netherlands

Bless the police for finding and bringing back lost Russian World Harmony Runners all over Europe!
I am missing the World Harmony Run energy....

Vasanti (who lost a Russian runner in 2006 for a couple of hours in Mannheim and again on the Saarbrücken route :) :)), Germany

For Kamilla; so glad to see you are doing well! The pictures here show so much joy.
We hope to see you back at Consciousness Blossoms soon.

Ray & Berry House, USA

I would thank you for the very good feelings you gave us, because our daughter Hannah has got the possibility to be one of the many members of this fantastic event!! She talks a great deal of this little" run and was very happy!! Have a good run in the future!!

Many greetings from Ratzeburg!!

Andreas and Dagmar Clausen, Germany

Great pictures of Germany!! Nice to see a picture of the infamous photographer, Ondrej, on his stomach getting the perfect shot. Europe is beautiful!

Pujari Scheaffer, United States

Hello!! on s'est vu au Tripti Kulai! Just some words to say that see those child-together-it's wonderfull! it seems to be great! I hope participate -one day- to a "world harmony run" into a country!! with people i know here!

see you!

take care, god bless you!

Johanna, France

Dear brothers,

I am following you with all my heart and also dreaming running withyou. May our Torch light in your hands illuminate whole world!

Looking forward to see you in Serbia, Pedja

Predrag Knezevic, Serbia

Great to see the news from sunny England. I'm reading it in Alaska. Congratulations.

Salil Wilson, Australia


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you came to our school today

Kitty, London (England)

hi nice to see you again I liked last years world harmony run I am half Grenadian so bye hope I see you again

Rhianne stephenson-joseph, England

Hello, whilst out for my evening jog I met up with Matthias and ran with him across town, (Ledbury in Herefordshire). He was looking for the road to Ross-on-Wye and I was very pleased to be able to point him in the right direction. We enjoyed our run together very much and I wish him and all the team the very best of luck on this amazing event.
Please keep in touch especally if I can help.

Kind regards

Peter Scott-Jones, England

I was out for a jog in Lowton this morning and happened by the guys en-route to Buxton Derybyshire. I Managed to run a short distance with the torch. It is a very uplifting experience and a great sentiment behind the cause. I wish everbody involved with the run my very best wishes and hope it all goes well. Best of Luck! John
John Marsh, England

hi!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks for coming to my school in kells. It was funny when our prinseble held the light and then it went out. I'm half French so I sponcer U BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salome riva, Ireland

Well done to you all...keep up the good work....ha i actually put on my running shoes last night and i know its only a short distance but did manage to do a 3 mile run...Thank you.

Victoria, Wales


i think this is amazing what you are doing, i came acroos this when i as in the car, and i saw a man running with a torch, my first was it as the olimpic flame, but then i thought why would it be here... i read what was writtin on the t-shirt and woundered what it was all about, so though i would go on the internet, then later my mum was on her way to the gym and she phined me and told me that there was a gathering of people with the flame as the swoped over the runner.. tis was when i tought defenatly want to now whats going on, so i thought i would let you no that i think it's amazing. and that this should be herd of more,

Gemma, Great Britain