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Flower petals in Hungary - very nice. I'm leaving the Canadian Run tomorrow and will be joining you in Slovakia.
See you all soon,
Salil Wilson, USA
Hi everyone
I've been avidly reading the daily reports, and they always make me smile and they give me so much joy. The pictures of the children are wonderful. I've yet to see a photograph of our Balavan running in full flow! Make sure you get him out running.
I'm looking forward to joining you all - see you in Bratislava. Just to let you know we've been having wonderful weather over here in England lately, so I hope the warm weather and sunshine follows me. See you soon. Take care and best wishes.

Mark, Bristol, England

Danke für eure Nächtigung bei uns in der Jugendherberge. Wir sind begeistert von der Organisation und dem Ablauf.
Die Gestaltung eurer home-page finde ich ganz toll.
Wünsche euch viel Erfolg und unfallfreie Km.
Liebe Grüße,
Hans Sieberer, Austria

Dear WHR team members!
If everything will be ok, I'll join you very soon...You are my super family!
Roos, you are so beautiful, it seems, you are the right hand of our respected captain!!
My best wishes to Anita and to all Hungary.
Svetlana, Russia

Hi Roos,

How are you? It looks like you and the rest of the team are having a grand time! At least that is what the smiles tell me. Thanks for the reports. I look forward to seeing more!

All the best for everyone,

Rabinath de Lange, The Netherlands

Hi my dear runners of the European team!

Did Dipavajan play our special gratitude song that we composed for you? Melody was great, you have to admit at least that! :-)

Roos, I take it back! Reports are great. I enjoy them. I miss the run a lot. It's not so easy to get back to the "real world" after six great days.

Wish you a wonderful time in Austria.

Love from Prakashita, Slovenia

Hello Roos,
We follow you on the website and we didn't know that you are such a good runner! We have seen the photos of the part of the run you did on 1 september and it looks as a social intercourse with the children and the selfmade hat.
Is it still so very warm as it was in the first part of your run?
We hope that you and all the runners will finish in Praag in a good condition and with a great pleasure.
Greetings to everybody from Dirk en Tiny and we'll see you again mid-October.
Tiny Janssens en Dirk de Waart, Nederland

Hi Roos,
This is a message for Roos, because we dutchies are so proud of her and we know that she loves to be on the run...

Het lijkt misschien niet zo.. maar we denken wel veel aan je. Je bent nu precies een maand weg en je wordt al wel gemist hoor. Fantastisch dat je alweer een tijdje meegaat op de run en aan de foto's te zien heb je het best wel naar je zin.

In case you have not heard yet...the Africa run starts on the 19th of September in Tanzania. Wishing you a very special time in the month ahead, with all my best wishes for all you heroes in the whole team! Love,
Namana, Netherlands

Hoi Roos, i am so glad to see you (at least) on the photos! You are always in action and look hoppi:)

We are 200% organising the Run now, and in a few days you are coming to Hungary!!!! I am so HOOPPY:)
I hope you will get used to mountains by that time, because this year the route is on the northern part of our country and there are almost all the mountains.But dont worry, they are not so high!
I am looking forward to meet again:):)
Anita, Hungary