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New Zealand 6 March: 2012 Asia Pacific - Hamilton - Piopio

Cathy Holland - Chief Executive of Parent Line House receiving a 'World Harmony Run Certificate of Appreciation'.

The first night's accommodation was generously donated by Parent Line House in Hamilton. They also kindly provided the World Harmony Run team with a wonderful breakfast the next morning.

Our sincere gratitude to Parent Line House for hosting the World Harmony Run team.

Prayer for the World Harmony Run team before departing Parent Line House.

Link to Parent Line House -



Te Rapa Primary School

This was a wonderful way to start our day. We were greeted by two young students from their student council who guided the team through to their hall where the school was in assembly. 

We introduced the World Harmony Run and instantly we felt the children understood the message that we were offering and openly wanted to be a part of it. The kids enthusiasm and smiles reminded us that the journey we are on is completely worthwhile. The school children showed a power point presentation with images of the World Harmony Run, expressing peace and harmony. We were delighted by this presentation and we then sang the World Harmony Run song, teaching the children the actions to the song. We could see from all of their smiles and glowing faces the kids loved it! 

Three of the children then read out their poems they had written on world harmony.

Now the children were on their feet, we ran with them outside with the torch alight around their school field. One comment from a student was "this is awesome!" Yeah it was awesome!

By the end of our visit to Te Rapa Primary School our hearts werefull of joy! The message of world harmony and peace is becoming a blossoming reality.

Gratitude to all the teachers for helping make this a successful day and hope we can continue to build our relationships to making the world a brighter and more loving place to live in.

Thank you.



Pukete Primary School

After leaving Te Rapa Primary School we headed around the corner to be greeted by twelve Students from the student council at Pukete Primary. These were all lovely, well mannered children who ran with us into their assembly. We showed the World Harmony Run DVD showing them the joy and fun we carry with us on our journey around the globe.

Gavin Oliver the Principal of Pukete Primary School with some of the school children and the World Harmony Run team.

We were told by Gavin Oliver the Principal that Pukete Primary School is a 'virtue' school. They presented these virtues to us in a lovely little skit with the children reading out the qualities and in the background other students holding up the virtues. We were very impressed the way the children proudly read these virtues out, showing they had taken these virtues to heart and sincerely meant what they were saying. Very impressive!

Their virtues are: Tolerance, Co-operation, Diligence,  Honesty, Respect, Caring and Responsibility.

We gave the children a chance to hold the torch and help strengthen the message from hand to hand the beautiful ideal of creating peace on earth. Some comments from the children were very kind and encouraging for team going forward.

Children with there hand on their hearts making a wish for harmony and peace throughout the world.

Thank you to Gavin and his staff from Pukete Primary School, we all were delighted with your school and look forward to building a relationship for the future.



Meeting with the Honourable Mayor Julie Hardaker 

Following Pukete Primary School we ran to the centre of Hamilton where we were fortunate enough to have a meeting with Mayor Julie Hardaker outside her council chambers in Garden Place.

We all felt Mayor Julie is someone of strong values and is committed to achieving results in her community.

On asking her for a comment about Hamilton and the ideals of peace and harmony Mayor Julie told us her feeling for Hamilton progressing forward was based on tolerance, understanding and helping each other to live harmoniously in all areas together. There is a large number of ethic groups living in Hamilton, so this is the perfect platform for achieving these goals.

We thank you for your timeMayor Julie and wish you all the best with serving Hamilton City.


After leaving Hamilton, we ventured forth to Te Awamutuwhere we were welcomed by Mayor Alan Livingston at the Rose Gardens who accompanied us across to our Ceremony in the Parklands.  3 local schools had walked down to meetus here – Te Awamutu Primary, Pekerau School and St Patrick’s School.  We were presented with beautiful singing of various songs from the schools, and all the children then joined usin singing the World Harmony Run theme song.

Te Awamutu Primary presented us with a Merit Certificate for “Our commitment and dedication to World Harmony!” We were surprised and delighted, as we then thanked each school and presented our own Certificates of Appreciation to each school.


The World Harmony Run presented two Torch Bearer Awards. Keri-Ana Paraha from Pekerau School – who always goes the extra mile in school, displaying great leadership, being responsible, reliable and empowering, creating harmony and is a great role model for others.

The other Torch Bearer Award recipient was also a young future leader of NZ – student Sam Patel from Te Awamutu Primary.  What a busy youngster, being very involved in many school and community projects and setting a wonderful example for others.



The children ran around the Parklands together with the WHR Team with great enthusiasm. As each child left to return to school they filed past and took turns holding the Torch, making many special wishes for a brighter world ahead.


The children ran around the Parklands together with the WHR Team with great enthusiasm.  


As each child left to return to school they filed past and took turns holding the Torch, making many special wishes for a brighter world ahead. 

The children all made a collective wish for harmony and peace in the world. 

Thank you Te Awamutu Council and the lovely local schools involved in making us feel so welcome. 

To the people of Te Awamutu, thank you for your delightful response to the World Harmony Run team and message, you really showed your enthusiasm for world harmony and peace.

We set off for Otorohanga ,“Kiwiana Town”, next stop “KIWI HOUSE at Otorohanga”. Here we got to see a grey spotted kiwi awake and feeding – what a treat! This was a rare and special Kiwi experience not only for our international team members from Canada, Mexico and Australia, but also for our New Zealand runners.  All the lovely staff here joined us outside by the big kiwi statue and sign for a photo.  Thank you so much for your kindness and support today! 

Weblink www.kiwihouse.org.nz

Our Team ran from the Kiwi House down to receive a very warm and friendly welcome from St Mary’s Catholic School.  These 32 children and their teacher/Principal Dianne Porter had so much heart and enthusiasm for the World Harmony Run! They were excited all day waiting and very busy preparing welcoming signs with inspired virtues like hope, love, faith, peace etc and sang to us as we ran in- positioned from the top of their fort in the playground.  For such a small school – they really had it all down.  Understanding the true essence of our harmony message, singing us very inspiring songs with lyrics such as “You are my brother, sister, friend” and “This is the time…to open up your hearts, to dream, for new beginnings…”  We enjoyed singing along with you, and sharing a song by our founder Sri Chinmoy “A New World of Peace”.

We presented 2 Torch Bearer Awards at St Mary’s; one to Anne Smith which her son Mike received on her behalf as she was out of town.  Anne is 94 years young and is active at organising Riding for the disabled, dog obedience, St John’s Ambulance and many other community activities.  She still goes to the gym every day to keep fit and strong and we found her an inspirational lady to all in Otorohanga.

The 2nd award was to Terry Price and his wife Joy who are dedicated in their selfless service throughout Otorohanga – to ensure learning opportunities for young and old are happening.  They assist Anne Smith and support St Mary’s school with fundraising and pretty much everything.

St Mary’s planted a World Harmony Run PeaceTree and the children lowered the native tree into the school grounds, along with the commemorative plaque and will tend it lovingly I am sure.  A Peace Tree such as this is symbolic of the growth and blossoming of goodness within every heart.

We all watched the World Harmony Run dvd inside after running with the Torch and each holding the Torch to make our wishes.

We were blessed with a lovely afternoon tea from St Mary’s and are very grateful to be here with you in Otorohanga.  Thank you so much!

The Kindergarten next door to St Mary's also joined the World Harmony runners. 

The girl's team continued to run to Piopio in the afternoon, many happy miles and smiles ahead! 


Te Kuiti greets the World Harmony Run.

Children from Pukenui school ran with the World Harmony Run team to St Joseph's school where the World Harmony Run gave the message of harmony and peace and the quest for a better world for all humanity to share.


St Joseph's school planted a World Harmony Run Peace Tree in the school grounds along with the commemorative plaque.


By day's end the runners welcomed the site of the Cave Motor Inn.

Many thanks to the kind hearted Linare for offering the World Harmony runners accommodation at the Cave Motor Inn.

Cave Motor Inn 728 State Highway 3, Hangataki Junction, Waitomo.



Also many thanks to the kind hearted Lorelle Wilson for offering the World Harmony runners accommodation at the Waitomo Lodge - 62 Te Kumi Rd, Te Kuiti.

Weblink www.waitomo-lodge.co.nz


Video Message from Davidson Hepburn, President (2009 - 2011) of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for 25th Anniversary of the World Harmony Run and a vision for the decade: "Toward a Oneness-World".

Full Text of the 25th annversary message and link to 25 language informal Translations: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/25

or Click on language button for separate youtube videos wth sub titles in varous languages

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Team Members:
Edwardo (Mexico), Asankita (New Zealand), Adhiratha (U.S.A), Niryana (New Zealand), Uddipan (New Zealand), Nelson (New Zealand), Pragunya (New Zealand), Karnyati (Canada), Prageeti (New Zealand), Isabella (Mexico), Preetidutta (New Zealand), Stacey (New Zealand), Janette (Germany), Shobhavati (New Zealand), Shvastanee (New Zealand), Hridayinee (Australia)

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