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Iceland 26 July: Sauðárkrókur - Blönduós

The girls started running from Sauðárkrókur today and ran all the way to Varmahlíð village. On the way they found time to stop at Glaumbær to take a few pictures.

Shortly after Varmahlíð we came to Vatnshlíðarvatn, our meeting point with runners from the Youth Sports Organization of Austur-Húnavatnssýsla county (or USAH for short). After a bit of a search, coupled with a bit of a misunderstanding and malfunction in one of our cars, the runners from USAH found our girls, received the torch and started running.

These were really dynamic runners. Their coach, and manager of USAH, Guðmundur Þór Elíasson, had his stopwatch up at all times and charted the progress of his boys, whose names are:

Hilmar Þór Kárason, Kristinn J. Snjólfsson and Benjamín Jóhannes Vilbergsson .

Incidentally, Kristinn and Benjamín participated in the World Harmony Run last year. The USAH boys ran a little less than 40 km in all, averaging at 4-5 min. pace pr. kilometer, which is quite good.

We had a chance to ask Guðmundur about his own running shape. He replied that he wasn't perhaps much of a runner, but surely he could always run 10-20 km without breaking a sweat. It seems safe to assume that not everyone will agree with Guðmundur's use of the terminology "not much of a runner"!

As we neared Blönduós town we met Auðunn Steinn Sigurðsson, who is the reporter for the local website Húnahornið. Auðunn took a few pictures which later appeared on the website. Guðmundur told us that, apart from being the website reporter, Auðunn was also a bank manager in Blönduós and the cashier for USAH.

It so happens that Ágúst, our World Harmony Runner, grew up in Blönduós town, and so, after we finished running today and had said our goodbyes to the USAH boys, Ágúst took us on a little trip around the town. We stopped at his old home, which is now the newly inaugurated Ice Berg Museum.

This is a museum about the history of Ice bergs along the Icelandic coastline. It is very properly situated in the Húnavatnssýsla county, for this county has had a long history of Ice bergs. In fact the county name is an indication in this direction; the first part of the word means "bear cub", and it is true that polar bears have entered Iceland from the ice bergs and into Húnavatnssýsla county, although it is several years since this last happened.

We were warmly welcomed in the museum by Anna Margrét Valgeirsdóttir. The museum is very informative, it is also very properly situated in the oldest wooden house in Iceland. The house has been remade in its original form, which makes it too cold to stay in during winter. This is, perhaps, fitting for an ice berg museum.

We spent the night at Dalsmynni við Svínavatn, courtesy of Gerður Garðarsdóttir. This is a cosy little place and very clean. The weather was also quite nice.

Distance: 73km

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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