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Iceland 31 August: Reykjavík

After a relaxing fortnight’s break we were glad to be back on the road again, but with a somewhat depleted International Team, though three further international runners will be joining us later tonight. We have the pleasure of running in one of the most dramatic islands in the world; an island of hot springs and volcanoes - Iceland.

As the aircraft descended from the clouds we could observe the barren and sparse landscape of Iceland, with the ice-capped mountains on the horizon. We touched down at the small airport of Reykjavik to be met by Gangane who warmly greeted us. The weather was sunny, but feeling rather cool. We are told the weather is very changeable here in Iceland and in one day it can rain, snow, rain again, and finally end up sunny. Despite feeling jet lagged we were looking forward to meeting the Icelandic children and we planned to visit four schools in the city this morning.

After a quick breakfast and an even quicker shower to freshen up, we headed to our first school of the day – Árbæjarskóli. State Television (RÚV) filmed our run into the school and there we met a class of very receptive children who were extremely knowledgeable about the ideas of harmony. Once out in the playground they cheerfully ran with the torch and at the end requested our autographs.

At our second school, Ártúnsskóli we managed to accidentally set off the school’s fire alarm as we entered the school with the flaming torch. We promptly decided to meet the children outside in the playground as the sun was shining. What we have noticed so far is how attentive and well-behaved Icelandic children are, and they are extremely inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions.

One girl asked if it wouldn’t be a good idea if we went with the World Harmony Run torch to countries that were at war and attempt ed to convince them to stop fighting. The children are so insightful here. After excitedly running around the playground and chanting Harmony in unison we left them smiling with joy.

At our third school, Fellaskóli, the children were already waiting outside in the playground for our arrival.

As we ran towards them they waved and shouted, and once again they were questioning with one boy asking, “Why do we run with a torch?” All was to be explained. And without question they all ran around the playground with the torch, passing it to one another.

We finally made a circle and they slowly passed the torch around putting their wishes and hopes for a more harmonious future into the flame so we could carry these wishes onto the next school.

Our final school was at Selásskóli where the children eagerly waited for us. After much applause for singing the World Harmony Run song to them we ran together to the nearby forest next to lake Rauðavatn.

There generally is not much trees in Iceland so to visit a forest is a novelty. The Icelandic authorities granted a piece of the forest to the school for educational use and it is called ‘Friendship Grove’.

So it was quite apt for us to visit this piece of forest with the torch.

A photographer from Iceland’s biggest newspaper (Fréttablaðið) captured the joyous moments of the children holding the torch in harmony and friendship. For a long time we enjoyed chatting to the children as they asked us about our experiences on the Run and we learnt more about Iceland.

After a whirlwind visit of four schools on our first day in Iceland we were glad for a siesta in the afternoon to get over our jet lag. As we slept Pierre from France arrived to join the International Team. The Team is getting bigger!

Gangane very generously prepared us a huge bowl of delicious pasta.

After our evening meal we took a stroll on the water’s edge and downtown Reykjavik. On the waterfront there is a modern art piece depicting a Viking ship called ‘Sun Voyager’.

In the evening chill we witnessed the sunset against the backdrop of the bay and mountains shrouded in tumbling cloud.

As the sun dipped below the horizon the light was constantly changing revealing dramatic tinges of pink reflected in the wispy high clouds.

Team Members:
Mark Collinson (England), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas Monfouga (France), Suren Leosson (Iceland)

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