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Iceland 29 July: Borgarnes - Katanes

Today was a mellow day, which was just as good as our numbers had dwindled somewhat. Chahida and Behala had left and Upajukta and Andrés took Martin with them on the Jökulsárhlaup race in northern Iceland. So, it was time that replacement-runner Suren showed what stuff he was made of, for up to now he has mostly been stuck behind the computer.

Suren began under Hafnarfjall mountain which can sometime be so windy that cars fly off the road. This was not so today, although it seemed it could go either way to begin with.

We met these four Spanish travellers midway between Borgarnes and Akranes. Their names are:

Moises Sanchez Pardo, Francisco José Ors Ausin, Ignacio Giménez Guzman and Jose Manuel Gimenez Guzman .

They started to run with the torch and then came running back to us! On the whole, very amicable people.

Steinunn drove the girls' team from Reykjavík, but the international girls' team has truly saved our Iceland World Harmony Run this year, by running an incredible amount of kilometres. The most promising member of the girls' team is little Hafdís, granddaughter of Steinunn. Hafdís ran a whole kilometer yesterday, and added another one today.

As you can see, everyone was anxious to run with Hafdís, Neelabha and Blanka were anxious and this horse also desired a closer acquaintance.

At Akranes town a fair flock of runners from the Badminton division of Akranes Sports Club awaited us. These were:

Hólmsteinn Valdimarsson, Ragnar Harðarson, Halldór Reynisson, Egill Guðlaugsson and Kristján Huldar Aðalsteinsson .

These superb badminton players ran all the way to Katanes beach, a distance of roughly 22 km. This they did hardly breaking a sweat, for they are used to run three days a week as a supplement to their badminton training.

Karen Jónsdóttir, chairman of the town council greeted us and said that she hoped to see us again next year. How can we say no, after such a great reception. We would also like to mention Svava Ragnarsdóttir from Akranes Sports Club, who organized the runners and gave all of us supplies before we started to run. These two dynamic ladies are seen on this picture.

Suren wanted to run with Ragnar Harðarson. What is the reason? Well, it turns out that they are closely related cousins. The cousins were talking about how much easier it is to enjoy the beautiful landscape at a 10 km running speed, rather than a 110 km driving speed. They graciously took a break from these metaphysical contemplations to waive to the photographer.

Actually, it is quite remarkable how much beauty one can see in this small 14 km stretch to Akranes. Here is one example.

The boys upon having reached Katanes beach. A truly heroic effort on their part, but let us keep this place in mind, for tomorrow our swimmer heroes will swim across the fjord.

Distance: 56km

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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