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USA 19 March: New York

"Angels just give in abundence. They do not expect anything from us in return." - Sri Chinmoy, World Harmony Run founder.

This sentiment is personified in Lorna Byrne's life and we were delighted that she accepted our invitation to receive the Torch-Bearer Award.

On Saturday, March 19, a beautiful New York spring day, we had the honor of presenting Lorna Byrne, an international best-selling author from Ireland, with the World Harmony Run Torch-Bearer award.

A week earlier, on 11 March, UNESCO  coordinated an event to mark the conclusion of the 2010 year of bringing people, cultures and religions together which the World Harmony run has supported. UNESCO Director General, Ms. Bokova felt that we must continue to "strengthen values and aspirations that are common to all". A similar forward looking theme is in the message received by WHR in January from the President of the UNESCO General Conference, Davidson Hepburn. A video excerpt of the message had recently become available.

At the end of the year on 30 December there was 17 km Harmony run around the beautiful Island of Pangkor, Malaysia which passed by many places of worship.

  • A final event for 2010 was held with the Harmony Torch the following day (31 Dec) at a beautiful Hindu Temple on  Pangkor Island, Malaysia that had been on the Island run route.

This feeling  was seen continuing in New York today.

Lorna’s book, Angels in My Hair, documents her remarkable inner experiences and relationship with Angels. Her book has given inspiration to countless readers around the world and has been translated into over 20 languages.

Salil introduced Lorna and highlighting her courage, strength of faith and service to people in many locations all over the world. He noted how her book provides hope, nurtures a belief in deeper and higher realities and reaffirms people’s faith – regardless of their religion.

Respect for variety of spiritual expression and Interfaith Harmony 

The runners, who come from many different countries and religious traditions, were moved by Lorna's obvious and sincere respect for the sacred in our lives. 

Some of Lorna's comments related to interfaith acceptance, appreciation and harmony. This was very much in keeping with spirit of the United Nations General Assembly recently proclaimed, (for the first time beginning in 2011) 1- 7 February, Inter Faith Harmony Week (http://www.un.org/en/events/interfaithharmonyweek/index.shtml).

Our choir sang a number of Sri Chinmoy’s songs including the World Harmony Run song. Lorna was very appreciative, commenting that she had never had a choir singing just for her.

At the end of the program we presented Lorna with an early birthday cake (six days early) and we all sang for her.

Lorna's website can be found here: www.lornabyrne.com

Her facebook entry documenting our presentation can be found here


Note: The recent message from the President of UNESCO general conference to run participants also has special relevance for "Interfaith Harmony" and today's event: "Passing the Harmony Torch is a simple, tangible and powerful way to express love of one's neighbor, so central to many traditions and personal convictions. Conveying this message of interfaith harmony and understanding in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship will surely help foster a culture of peace and a growing feeling of universal oneness. Full message at: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/beyond2011



The World Harmnoy Run proudly supports the International Year of Youth (IYY) and the International Year of Forests (IYF) proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

See also recent Youtube video which illustrates IYY slogan "Our Year Our Voice"  International Year of Youth - Zambia World Harmony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6qehMiIWuYRun



– Salil Wilson

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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