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USA 16 April - Elizabeth, NJ to Slackwood, NJ

Maheeshi runs by a beautiful church just north of Kendall Park, NJ.

The first full day on the World Harmony Run in the U.S.A. can be quite challenging as we change our way of life for the next few months. A team of four women and seven men started out from New York City this morning to begin running in New Jersey, just over the New York City border.

The 2006 starting team.

Preparations were numerous and almost endless as we were still in the state of organizing when we took off from Queens at 7:00 a.m. With an international team of members including runners for the U.S.A., Italy, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, we started our journey by running to the YMCA in Elizabeth. (see details below)

Francesco greets Mayor Trotman in Princeton.

The weather was perfect as we ran down route 27 through the towns of Rahway, Edison and Metuchen on our way to Princeton where we met with Mayor Mildred Trotman. On this Easter Sunday when many people were either out of town or visiting their families and friends, the honorable Mayor took time out of her holiday schedule and family visits to come out to Borough Hall to greet us.

Our Italian representative, Francesco, had the honor of running through the busy main streets to hand the torch to Mayor Trotman. Randall Hagadorn from the Trenton Times took photos of the event and offered his own kind encouragement as well. The beauty of the springtime blossoms and the enthusiasm of the locals, as well as the sweetness of the mayor gave Francesco a memorable experience on his first run in the U.S.A. for the World Harmony Run.

Ulugbek runs his first miles in the United States.

Ulugbek, our representative from Uzbekistan, had been looking forward to this day for many years as well. He is the first runner from his country to join us in the U.S.A. Many friends of his have been inspired by Ulugbek’s participation in the World Harmony Run here. We wish to greet all of his countrymen and thank them for giving him the opportunity to come and join our international team of runners.

Each member of our international team, including myself, cannot say enough about the experience of finally getting started on this long and exciting adventure. Knowing that many, many people along the way will be supporting and encouraging us as well as offering their own efforts for world harmony, we are ready to face the challenges involved in covering almost 100 miles a day on foot while carrying the Harmony Torch from person to person with the message of goodwill and harmony among all people everywhere.

Tom and Ginny—the incredible hosts—with the team.

Our evening accommodations and wonderful meal was offered by our good friends Tom and Ginny in the Princeton area. Their hospitality, kindness and hard work are incomparable and have made this first day a truly memorable one to launch us on journey in the months to come.


The U.S.Team

We were warmly greeted at the YMCA.

One half decade since the last time I was a team member of the World Harmony Run. It’s hard to believe that 5 years have passed, though I can feel it in my more careful approach to life and my irritation at not being able to go to sleep at 9:30 p.m.

I am very happy and grateful to be a part of this team which is blessed with the task of sharing and spreading friendship and oneness across the country and around the world.

The children at the YMCA enjoyed holding the torch.

In my experience, though, the beginning is usually fraught with challenges. In years past vehicles have broken down as soon as we left New York. This year the glitch in a perfect flow was small in comparison. The entire team got fairly lost on the way in and out of a lovely little ceremony at the YMCA in Elizabeth, NJ. The road we were looking for was not only missing a sign but it was under construction and detoured so that we could not turn down it. After some confusion, we found our way to a warm and auspicious Easter welcome. We very much appreciate the children and adults who met us at the Y, including us in their holiday festivities.

A special thanks to Angelo Otero, the YMCA program director for being so kind to invite us.

It was an energizing ceremony to start us on our 11,000 mile odyssey. We were psyched up to begin!

The torch always seems bring a smile.

They wished us well, we waved goodbye, we took a few turns and all 3 vehicles were once again lost (and slightly deflated). It was short-lived, though, as we finally found Route 27 South and got into the groove of running and carrying the Harmony torch.

The councelors enjoyed themselves as well.

Many people waved and honked while I ran. I inwardly felt as well as outwardly heard their well-wishes and enthusiasm for our journey. And before long I began to remember how the blessings of being a Harmony runner always, always, always outweigh any frustration.

Wendy (not pictured below)

San Diego

See you tomorrow!

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