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USA 20 April: Washington, D.C. to Ashland, VA.

When dreamers meet on a little mountain top

Monticello, Monticello

Silence and heart whisper

Hello, hello!



Stop world-travelers!

Your journey ‘s close.

This year the travelers of the World Harmony Run got the opportunity to stop at Thomas Jefferson’s little mountain. It was our special honor and pleasure to visit the home of the author of the Declaration of Independence, with whom we share so many common dreams.

We truly believe in the ideas of the Declaration. For us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not mere words. We also believe in harmony and the importance of physical fitness, which played a very essential part in Jefferson’s life as well. Sometimes people may call us dreamers or naive but we just keep running and dreaming. No wonder why we felt so much at home in Jefferson’s realm.

We had a little drive off route to get there. On the way there we tried to collect all our knowledge about Jefferson, that we learned in school, read, heard or saw in a movie. A figure of a most interesting person started to take form in our imagination while we were getting closer and closer to Monticello.

“Monticello was a house, an ornamental landscape, a farm, a plantation, a small mountain, and a large and diverse community. It encapsulated the interests, talents, ideals, ambitions, dreams and the realities of one of the most complex and interesting members of the bold and creative group we know as the Founding Fathers.” - says the nicely compiled brochure of the museum, that we all kept for memorabilia.

The little mountain is really beautiful in April, which is probably the best time of the year for a visit. The weather is great, the trees and flowers are blossoming, everything is fresh and green. Thanks to our friend, Eric Petersen (who has spent many years learning and researching the life of Jefferson, and also the editor of Light and Liberty ) we were received by a young lady, Elizabeth, who is a secretary of Dan Jordan (president of Monticello). She showed us the upper floor of the house, where very few people get opportunity to visit.

Later we were escorted by Peggy, not only a tour guide, who knew every little corner and inch in the house, but also a marathon runner, and had just participated on the Paris Marathon.

We learned many interesting details about the house, which is one of the most special buildings of the world. It was designed by Jefferson himself, and it took 40 years to be completed and get its final form. We were amazed to see all the newest inventions of his era that he collected in his house: the copy machine, which later was improved by him, the unique clock which had three hands and showed the days as well, the special glass windows on the roof, the hidden second floor, etc. We saw the incredible library, where he used to spend three hours a day, because as he once said: “I cannot live without books”. We also heard that he used to run 2 miles every day (1 mile downhill 1mile back uphill) and when he got older he would organize running races for his grandkids, and the winner would get some fruits. We found it very interesting, because our marathon team also has its weekly 2-mile races all around the world.

Just before leaving behind this wonderful land of dreams we stopped at the Jefferson’s Garden shop, where his favorite species were sold. We used to have some traveling herbs at the back of our RV, so I asked Arpan if we could get some here, and he immediately bought some. Although our journey continues, after stopping at Thomas Jefferson’s home we could take a little Monticello with us in a form of plants, soil and lots of inspiration to keep dreaming about a better world.

We were very happy and grateful to Tom and his daughter Katerina who manage the Ashland Perkins Restaurant and bakery for so kindly providing us with meals for eleven hungry runners. Also, thanks to our very friendly and attentive waiter Steven for putting up with all our requests. Thank you so much!!

The boys enjoyed the finer things in life at the Henry Clay Inn.

Our special thanks to the Henry Clay Inn, a beautiful colonial style inn, for offering the men's team two rooms to rest their weary heads and minds.

And also to the well known Super 8 for taking excellent care of the women's team.

The World Harmony Run Team

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