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USA 18 April: Newark, DE to Baltimore, MD

The team addresses Rising Sun Elementary.

The women’s team started today with the rising sun and their first destination was Rising Sun, Maryland. A small rural town surrounded by fields and pastures, this friendly place was very hospitable to us last year as we met with Mayor Judy Cox who carried the torch a few blocks through town. The honorable Mayor Cox was there again today but this time the event was at the Rising Sun Elementary School. There were also about 800 young children, teachers and administrators waiting anxiously in the auditorium as the Harmony Torch arrived.

Vice Principal Hinda Smith introduced our team of 11 runners from seven different countries.

It was truly a heart-melting experience as we entered the auditorium with 800 sweet faces and voices greeting us with cheers and songs. First they sang the World Harmony Run song composed by the founder of the run, Sri Chinmoy . We always sing the song wherever we go, but this time we were treated to a full chorus of this inspirational song by this sea of shining faces and wonderful hearts.

Holding back tears of joy, I had to introduce our event to the children and adults who were there, knowing that the whole purpose of our efforts was to spread and share this kind of joy and harmony. Each one of our team members introduced themselves and their country as the children listened curiously and then tried repeating the foreign language word they were being taught by the runners.

The children made about 20 beautiful flags from various countries and introduced the countries to us, making this international event even more significant. It was difficult to leave after spending some time with the children and adults here in Rising Sun.

The children always love to hold the torch and add their wishes.

The second ceremony of the day was the Heritage Montessori School in the Baltimore area.

The posters were beautiful and insightful.

About 50 bright and beautiful children and staff, including Principal Catherine Szeto, greeted the runners inside the school with their artwork based on the theme of harmony. They also presented their ideas about how we can live and manifest harmony in our daily lives.

The team sang the World Harmony Run song along with several children who had learned the song before we arrived. We left with yet another terrific impression of Montessori Schools. We wished we had had the same opportunity when we were young.

Ms. Scroggs and the runners share a moment for harmony.

Our third ceremony was at the Collington Square Elementary School. Again we were warmly greeted by Ms. Scroggs and an auditorium of children and staff, who were eager to find out what all these runners coming into their school with a flaming torch was all about.

The experience for most of the people we encounter while carrying the Torch is at first one of surprise and sometimes confused shock.

We felt so much heart at Collington Square Elementary School.

But once they meet us and they come to learn what we are doing and why, an instant rapport develops from heart to heart. At Collington Square we really felt the energy and enthusiasm of the children which we then took outdoors as the children had the chance to run a bit with the Torch and experience first hand what it was like to carry this symbol of friendship and harmony.

The students of Coppin State joined the runners for a short run through campus.

Moving further north and west in Baltimore, we then visited Coppin State University where we were greeted by Corane Brace from the Office of External Affairs, Mr. Steve Stephens, Director of Student Affairs and representatives from four fraternities and one sorority on campus.

Director of Student Affairs and representatives from four fraternities and one sorority.

These students groups are very active in the school community, trying to encourage student leadership, brotherhood and sisterhood and civic and social volunteerism and community involvement. This is about the sixth time we visited this University over the years and we look forward to it every time.

Corane Brace from the Office of External Affairs holds the torch.

Today Baltimore opened up its heart to the runners as we had a busy day meeting hundreds of locals of all ages.

We are ever so grateful to Mr. Brian Walsh of the Comfort Suites Hotel for providing complimentary rooms for the runners last night.

Thanks to Mr. Chris Remmell for providing the rooms we are in tonight at the Quality Inn, Baltimore.

Arpan and the Team

The children see no barriers to harmony.

Today we were heading further south from Newark to Baltimore (Maryland). On our way down there, we were lucky to meet with so many little kids.

The first ceremony happened to be in a beautiful city called Rising Sun. The name of the city turned out to be a fully blossomed reality inside the hearts of the kids we were supposed to meet at the Rising Sun elementary school.

As we ran into the auditorium where about 400 kids were waiting for us, we felt like running into an ocean of sweetness. So many cute little ones were sitting there and looking at us with shining eyes, almost like little birds looking out of their nest. Just with the little difference that it was hundreds of them. Everyone so special and bright, like the rising sun.

Later on the teacher was playing on the piano while all of them were singing the World Harmony Run song. With so much oneness and sweetness, that one who listened to them cannot `not` believe in the reality of oneness and harmony in the world.

They held flags of a lot of countries and prepared a relay run for us.

I can say that it was one of the most uplifting experiences, since the whole auditorium was filled with joy, oneness and sweetness and a lot of hope for a better world.

Anja (Germany)

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