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USA 21 April: Ashland, VA To South Hill, VA

Children from William Fox Model Model Elementary School "escort" the runners and the torch to the school.

Today we were fortunate enough to visit three schools on our running route through northern Virginia. The first school was the William Fox Model Model Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia. Many children from the school met us on the corner and ran a few blocks with us to the school. As always, when children run it becomes a mad sprint. You could hear Atulya continually yelling “slower, slower”.

The children offered their beautiful posters.

Hundreds of young children were eagerly awaiting our arrival along with the full staff of teachers and administrators. Everyone was singing the World Harmony Run song that was blasting from their sound system as our full team of eleven runners from seven different countries carried the torch into the auditorium.

What an incredible feeling to run in to practically the whole school singing the World Harmony Run song . It was so uplifting!

Mrs. Jacobs, the principal, with the team.

Mrs. Jacobs, the principal, was especially enthusiastic and excited as she expressed a deep understanding of the qualities of harmony and friendship and their relationship to education. It was her first year as principal here and she really seemed to enjoy her job and her relationship to the children.

This positive and cheerful attitude definitely reflected in the attitude and behavior of the children as we had a wonderful program with the kids and teachers alike. The only difficult aspect of this kind of mutually enjoyable experience is that we have to leave right away after making such good friends and sharing such meaningful experiences.

Ms. Moody receives our certificate of appreciation.

On our approach to Dinwiddie Elementary School some wires got crossed and Francesco ran right by the school without stopping about 15 minutes before our scheduled arrival. In an attempt to recover the meeting, the girls team(hoping that no one from the school saw Francesco run by) staged a short run in from about a block away.

The children just can't get enough of the torch.

The Principal, Ms. Moody was on to us and commented that we looked very fresh.(lol) We then found out that the office staff had witnessed Francesco run by. We explained the confusion and she was very gracious. These things happen on an 11,000 mile journey!

Say "harmony!".

The children were very enthusiastic participants in our ceremony and Ms. Moody—who was obviously very well loved and respected by the students and staff(she seemed to know all 300 of the childrens’ names)—invited us to return next year. We’ll definitely be back.

After the ceremony, one little boy tapped Wendy on the back and said, “ You’re doing a good job!”. Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot.

Principal Allsbrooks carries the torch for a lap around the parking lot.

The final school ceremony of the day was at the Sunnyside Elementary School in Mc Kenney, Virginia. This town was tiny compared to the capital city of Richmond, so we did not expect much of a crowd here. But to our surprise, the whole school was outside awaiting our arrival, lining the sidewalk and driveway to the school.

The runners greet the children.

Principal Allsbrooks was on a bullhorn directing the children and conducting them in singing the World Harmony Run theme song as we arrived.

Smiles were abound!

Everyone was so excited that singing became cheering as we carried the torch around past all the hundreds of excited kids. After singing the song with them and a short program of introductions, we had a small relay around the driveway with some of the children including a very fast girl miler.

It is difficult to have a slow jog with children, especially when they carry the torch, or I should say when they get carried away with the torch. Principal Allsbrooks was so excited and could not thank us enough. He offered us all ice cream bars after the ceremony, and then announced to all the children that there would be free ice cream for the whole school.

The entire school pauses for a photo with the torch.

We are very happy and grateful that schools like Sunnyside stress the importance of harmony and friendship among their students and welcome us wholeheartedly as we run through their community. We thank Jo Saterfield and the Coach also for organizing the children today along with all the teachers and staff.

Arpan tries to dodge the drops.

Even though our run today was dampened by an intermittent light rain and drizzle, it was truly a rewarding day as we were able to share the joy and enthusiasm of friendship and harmony with about one thousand children and adults throughout the day.

Thank you so much to Kricket, Melesa, Ahmed and Mahmoud from Gino's Italian Restaurant in South Hill, VA for providing the team—once again—with two large pizzas to compliment our dinner.

We offer our deepest gratitude to Lynette Tanner and the Best Western in South Hill for again providing the team a wonderful nights rest. The Best Western has been so generous throughout the history of the Harmony Run. Some of the runners remember staying there since '95.

The U.S.A. World Harmony Run Team

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