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USA 19 April: Washington, DC

Salil's dilemma.

(April 18)

My entry into the 2006 US World Harmony was much bumpier than expected. I planned a leisurely drive down to DC from New York to meet up with the runners and join them for a few weeks.

After about 3 hours the engine in the Torch Van began to make a very loud noise and then proceeded to die over the next half-mile until I ground to an uninspired halt about 35 miles north of Baltimore. It was 10.30 pm. I called Arpan who arranged for a tow truck. Waiting for the arrival of the tow truck I began taking stock of the situation I reflected on how much had gone right with the run around the world and realized I might have been taking it all for granted. So with a renewed sense of gratitude I went with the tow truck to DC and checked into a hotel arranged my good friend and principal of Oneness-Family School Atmatyagi Andrew Kutt at 2.00 am.

We all gathered in the school yard for an inspiring program.

The next day (April 19) we were scheduled to visit Oneness-Family School , a beautiful primary and middle school dedicated to providing a learning environment in which personal growth is valued as much as academic excellence.

The school felt very international.

We arrived early to be greeted by the rare sight of children literally running into the school grounds eager to begin the lessons for the day.

June prepares the four elements for ceremony.

The students and teachers had collaborated to present us a heartfelt and touching ceremony of songs, skits, music and art.

Another wish for harmony added to the torch.

Each team member was profoundly moved by these wonderful children and teachers and we will carry their hopes and dreams with us as we run around the country.

Francesco shares his joy.

Oneness-Family School

is always a favorite visit of ours and it really helps get us off on the right foot.

Andrew offers a song with the children.

So our thanks to all the students and teachers who touched our hearts with their sweetness, kindness, joy and inspiration.

The team sang the World Harmony Run Song.

Also a special thanks to the Washington DC members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team for your kindness and generosity ensuring our stay in the nations capital was a comfortable and rewarding one.

Andrew with the torch.

See you next year.


PS The Torch van is now in Fredericksburg, VA awaiting a new engine.

Ultimate Frisbee

Life is a Frisbee game-said the 8 graders of Oneness-Family School. It takes teamwork. Just like energy or opportunity you have to catch it, throw it and pass it. In a good team it flies to everybody. You never know, who will score for the team. This is what we learnt from our friends during an amazing Frisbee game in Washington DC.

Yes, a simple Frisbee game can give you a lot if is played with the right team, which happened to me.

A few days before the start I could not get the tune of the run yet. Last year I carried the Harmony Torch across the entire US route and I still cherish the precious memory of every single day. The experience changed my life (and for the better - I hope).

But what am I doing here again? Having looked at my running shoes and worn-out uniform I could not help myself, somehow I felt so strange. I had that kind of deja vu feeling while preparing and packing. Something is funny, error in the Matrix - I thought.

Somebody told me after the first school when we meet the kids I would get the spirit of the run again. Well, he was right. The other day when I was in a school the spirit of the Harmony Run eventually descended upon me. Although it was not the first school it took couple of days and schools, but finally, it came.

But what is this mysterious spirit? 0 one may ask. I think the best way to imagine that when it comes to the runner "he is not carrying the torch anymore, the torch is carrying him/her" - quote from Svetlana, 2005. At this point you just get hooked and there is an undeniable (little stupid) smile becoming part of your face, and an ant is walking around your heart with joy.

I owe special thanks to my old and new friends from Oneness-Family School, who played an important role in getting me connected to the Matrix of the Harmony Run. Their school is a special station in the life and history of our run. It seems to be a short station on the long run but what they embody it is also our destination. It is really a fun school, where we take lessons of oneness, respect, understanding, friendship, joy, and our teachers were the kids themselves.

All the classes prepared some performances: they sang, danced and shared their beautiful and pure thoughts with us. I think their sweetness and kindness made many of my teammates' vision vague, their hearts touched and even our poor team captain was struggling and all choked up at the mike.

The big kids had a great metaphor: Life is an Ultimate Frisbee. The inspiration they got last year when the Harmony runners played with them an unforgettable Frisbee game. Those who were on the last run definitely remember the episode, the only difference that the kids have been practicing and training hard since then. And on the other hand we got quite rusty.

But we accepted the challenge for an Ultimate Frisbee game. We, the runners, blended in their teams which gave me some hope. And our Frisbee - life lesson started.

They were not only gracious and excellent players, but also beautiful examples of politeness, gentleness, poise, self-giving and humility. When I was running for the Frisbee with mindless enthusiasm I totally forgot that I was circa 15 years older than them. Actually being little undisciplined and very loud I was even kind of immature compared to them. But it was OK, too, they made me feel at home in their Oneness-Family. It was so much fun, even though I was in the loser team ("L" yeah!!) with those kids I felt, it did not matter, who won, because basically we had won something much more valuable than scores...

Toks, Remi, Emily, Nadia, Diego, Paris, Ariel, Lea and all the other 7 and 8 graders whose name my finite mind cannot remember, THANX A LOT!

Keep training and good luck in the great Ultimate Frisbee game of Life!

Love, Linda

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