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Week 1

Salil, it was great to run with you, even if only for a short while. April 30th in Quincy, Fl and 40 degrees? Too cold for this area! Sorry the photo isn't all that sharp! Hope you got through the hills up into Chatahoochie! Another tremendous person from "Down Under", a wonderful ambassador of goodwill! Thank you one and all for an inspiring idea. See you all next year maybe???
-- and so the torch runs on into central time zone. :)

Jeff Starks

hey i saw some of the runners they came to my school
and i thought that was really cool... they told me that avril lavigne held the torch and i was freaking out because she is my idol :D but i think that was cool but i saw the 6th graders pictures on there they should have put mrs.mabry on there and the 7th graders and it was really great the torch was awesome

Hannah Rae Norman

We are so happy to see these photos and to feel ourselves running with you. We are extremely proud of you. Let's all run!
Your brother,

Hi everyone! The Harmony Run RV looks great...what a manifestation to just drive it all around the country and have people see it!! Keep up the great job! Again, great fotos!

PS If I answer the math question wrong, will you not receive this message?

Looks like you are having a great time. Nice youtube video from the 24th... snow in North Carolina... wow!


hi guys from all of us hard working people at Run and Become in Edinburgh. The European WHR team have been in Scotland (look up the site!) and we visited the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh (of course) and then hit the road to Aberdeen finishing in Glasgow. The runners all looked very happy last night when we said goodbye to them before they set off for Ireland. So you guys - you're all looking as if you're having far too much fun (maybe except for Atulya) great photos. Great to see the sunshine - we ran through the haar in Aberdeen - the runners kept getting lost cos they couldn't see where they were going!! Hey come to Scotland next year - who needs sunshine?? and lastly what's with the math question? what's the prize? what's it all about?


Ciao ragazzi!!! i follow every day the daily reports on the web, and i relly miss a lot to be out there with you all!!! you are doing great!!!
Your brother


Hi Anne Liennonen!
It`s write for you Ksenia from Russia (Smolensk).
It`s great that you run in America! You looking good!
I wish you more sun, joy, and happy faces. But it seems for 26 of april there were more than enough happy smiles:)
You know I`ll take a part in Europe WHR almost for whole of may, and I`m happy too:)
Have a nice run! Buy.

Soboleva Ksenia Andreevna

Good morning runners,
I wanted to tell you how much fun it was to run with you from Salisbury to China Grove on Wednesday. I think that you are providing a wonderful service and envy you the chance to see the US in such a unique way. Keep up the good work! Good luck the rest of the way.

David Freeze

regards from hyvinkaa in finland,annes mum and pa and friends.we wish you all pöwer to complete the harmony run where ever you are.lots of llove and blessings.

sirkka leinonenhenomarita

I was not aware of Harmony Run. And as I was driving back roads near Union SC, I kept driving past some people with the torch of Harmony Run. I stopped and talked to the girls- from Australia, Finland, Sweden, and another from Austraila. They were all so nice, and I got to hold the torch as they explained what they were doing. It was only after I drove off and reflected on this, was I truly moved by this committment to unity. Thank you for the Blessing, and be BLESSED as you travel through the USA- we are so glad you are here.

Scott Morrow

Run Fast Uncle J!
Love Amelia and Elizabeth
Hope all is well! Pictures look great!
Love Brooke and Andrew
Seeing all your great school visits makes me excited about you all coming to my school in Novato, CA. The kids are already excited about the Harmony Run coming to their school! Great photos!! Keep up the good work!!!!

I'm enjoying following your antics on the site. But, where are photos of my favorite runners Anne and Shyamala?


To Anne Leinonnen and all the runners

It was a wonderful start at the Statue of Liberty, I wish you good running in the beautiful spirit that creates the Harmony Run.
Thinking of you


Hey great pictures guys, looks like you are all nicely in the groove. Say hi to Karen and Uddyogini for me . . .


Congratulations all!
It looks like you are off to a beautiful start! As your muscles get used to covering the miles, and keeping it all flowing is challenging, take heart. Everywhere you go, they always want to see you again! This year the amount of participants in Missouri and Kansas has grown, due to your outreach, Grace, (and perhaps I am getting better as a coordinator. There is always plenty of room for improvement!)

When I asked one Principal if she would like to have the WHR back at her school this time, she said, "Yes...with excitement!"

Jitavrata looks so serious. (Smile like a child, bro!)
Keep your souls in your soles and fly high! Thank you for the inspiration you all are. We eagerly await your arrival on the West coast.


Hi Road-Heroes!

Virtually following your adventures from the start. Looking at the photos of the places and your :-) faces - brings back my best memories of the RUN.
I got inspired and got involved in the arrangement of our local run and I'm also hoping to join the English torch for a couple of days soon. Wishing you lots of fun and beautiful experiences. Keep us informed. (I love cheking the news from the run every day.)
So watch out! You're not alone out there! I guess you're carrying many of us with you.
With heartfelt support and friendship,

Linda Zay

Seeing all the photos everyday and reading the captions is GREAT! Looking forward to seeing you all in California and in San Francisco. You are the BEST!!!


Love seeing all the photos and stories on the website. It really gives us the spirit of the Run and all the hard work you are doing out there on the road. I know what it is like out there and would encourage everyone to support you all in any way they can. Missing you all, especially just being out there on the road. Stay safe at all times and keep on sharing the joy of Harmony with everyone. Oh yeh, don't forget to fill the cars with gasoline before settling into the motels... and other Rules of the Road! Ha, Ha.......