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Week 10

Thank you so much for coming to Wenatchee on June 27th. Your message was an inspiration for our valley which we hope is carried on by the smiling faces of all those children present. Good luck on the rest of your relay.
Eric Granstrom

Hi, Runners!
I wanted to thank you again for coming to Sandpoint. It was my first experience with the World Harmony Run as organizer of Sandpoint's event, and I had so much fun putting the program together and meeting all of you. I can't wait for the next run, and Daulot has promised to come along next time!
Have a great run to the finish and a glorious 4th of July!
Christine Holbert

It was a pleasure to run with you and talk to you...
The national food of Scotland is Hegas :)

Thank-you for coming to Helena. It was very fun to run with you and be part of bringing awareness of World Harmony to my community.
Rebecca Shaw

I took some pictures of Dhavala running through Paradise, MT on June 30th if you want them for your blog. You are all great people. It was serendipitous seeing the World Harmony Run just outside Paradise on my drive back to Washington.
Nick Hinch

My greetings to Deepra!
Denis Lazarev

On July 4th we celebrate the birth of America, and you offer a new kind of fire-work. Your oneness-hearts Unite the States in a wave of inspiration and joy. Go forth with the torch, you have more hearts to touch!
(We miss you already in Washington!)
Pipasa Glass

we just seen someone running with a torch we were wondering what it was about so we found this website from the advertisements on the van parked down the road from the runner and just wanted to say its a great idea running for peace rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
op girls
turah, montana

Dear runners! Thank you for bringing such fun and harmony to Seattle! My parents and I had so much fun running-walking-talking with you - I would love to join you for the whole trip sometime! Maybe next year? The inspiration and love from your visit continues to reverberate here!
Julianna Chen

Thanks so much for visiting our small town. It's always a treat to feel your smiles and absorb the vibes from the torch. I like the new song ... but not as much as the old peace run song. Peace run, peace run, peace run, pe-e-e-e-ace - pe-e-e-e-ace run (smile). See you again in a couple of years.
Kim, Sandpoint, ID

Dear World Harmony Run Members,
The celebration you hosted on Tuesday, June 24th, was incredible. I felt so peaceful being there--you have an atmosphere that indeed brings about Harmony. I was so honored to receive the Torch Bearer Award--I've shown it to anyone who comes into the office this week!
The whole event was perfect. Thank you for the gift pack. I have been searching for a mug with a lid and couldn't find one anywhere--I think it's more than coincidence that you gave me one. I'm looking forward to dining at your restaurant.
Thank you so much for enriching my life--I have felt at peace all week.
Susan McCrosky

what an inspiring video! beautiful! as i watched it, my neighbours were sending up fireworks into the night sky. Perfect synch! Also it was nice to see a picture of Vilupti and Mukti after so many years.
Kathleen Everson

We are looking forward to having you in the state of Michigan. When you get closer, we need to have your schedule so we can be with you during your short stay in the state surrounded by water. Have many fruitful days.
David Foster
Yeah for music and heart! How lucky we are to have this experience of such a great choir and song! Thank you WHR for sharing your video of the Total Experience Gospel Choir. So many experiences you the WHR runners have and because of your great website we share it too. We can experience the World Harmony Run together. I am amazed at the profound Vision of the WHR's founder, Sri Chinmoy, who brought into being this most perfect vehicle by which we all can experience the birth and totality of Oneness in the World family.
All Gratitude,

HI! My sister Donna Slager from Waterville, Washington sent photos from your stop there. I will try to meet up with you when you come through Rapid City, South Dakota.
Best wishes for safe travels.
Anita Distel