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Week 3

I went to the arrival ceremony outside Parliament House yesterday - it went very well under Prachar's capable guidance. One of Canberra's gorgeous Autumn Days. Had a goodtalk to Prabhakar and hope to have him up for a meal if their schedule permits. We will see him with Jon Stanhope on Wednesday.
Dawn and John Wilson (Salil's parents) - Canberra, Australia

It was a joy to meet all of you in Wickliffe, Kentucky, on Friday. The spirit and "hope" you exhibited in your personalities and the way you spoke to the group of school children at Wickliffe Mounds was very inspiring. If only seven of 100 people we come in contact with each day were as inspirational as the seven of you, hope and harmony would be an easy task. Will send you pictures after I get my paper to print this week - priorities you know.... Thank you so much for allowing me to share a few moments of your time while you were in Western Kentucky. Hope the strawberries weren't overripe for your dinner.....
Anita Bugg

Catching up on the latest news-from-the-road, I see Seatle's own Jitavrata right at the top of the May 7th page. Yeah, Jitavrata! What beautiful photos you are all posting. Congratulations to everyone on the team for all the miles and smiles so far. Seattle is eagerly awaiting your arrival!
Sarah Kalagian

Hello Harmony Team! Your smiling faces show that in spite of working very hard every day to complete the daily miles you are full of happiness. The photos are absolutely beautiful too, especially the bright, shining faces of America's children. Thank you all!
Meghna Brower

we are looking forward to welcome you for your stay with us for tonight.@ countryhearth inn, union city tn.
Mafu Patel

Hi, we hope you are having fun running around the USA! How are you doing? We hope that you bring alot of Joy and Harmony to the world. When you came to see us we had fun holding the torch. We hope you come again! We will be receiving Holy Communion on May 10th, we will pray for you.
We send you our love,
Grade 2, Rm 8, St Rita School

Hey, We just wanted to wish you guys good luck while on your run.
We hear you are coming through CT in August. Hope too see you.
We are drawing the torch on the mural we are drawing for our music teacher (Ms. Moffit). We are graduating from St. Rita School this year. Good luck again!
Teddy Kennedy, Paul Amarone, Erin Moskal

Hi everyone, you are doing amazing job, all the pictures are such an inspiration, all the best.

Just caught up with you all via the Notes and I can see that in a very short time this world of critters and people is all smilies, Smiles, SMILES, Self-Giving, Joy and Love. A dose of sweat and running too. Great job everyone! You will have world record smiling by the time you reach Seattle and your special greeting from Mt. Rainier!
Best Wishes,

The pages are looking fantastic. I thought Bansidhar was doing great before! Now he's kicked it up another notch. Keep the inspiration coming!
Hello - rock star harmony runners. The photos and the short captions under the photos are amazing!!!! The coverage is absolutely beautiful. Keep up the amazing reporting from the road! I will bring my laptop to the centre tonight to share the photos with our WHR meeting! We cannot wait until you get to California!
xo Jayashri