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Week 8

Hey runners...the flowers you left us last weekend have been filling the house wtih their beauty and wonderful scent reminding us of you and your visit. Thanks for gracing us with your presence! I also got an e-mail from Brent in Cambria saying that there were some awesome people on the run (that would be you:)) and they wanted to play a much bigger part next year. Hear hear! Happy running. See you at the finale in August!

Hi everyone! You can't imagine how much I miss being out there on the road with you and the Torch. Thank you so much for letting me run with you for five days. You are immersed in the Harmony Run vibe day in and day out, so I don't even know if you recognize just how strongly it is felt by everyone who comes into contact with you! Stay healthy. You are doing something tremendous (and "gigantic"). :)

Thank you for lighting the torch for me to carry this morning, Minneapolis! It was a great honor to have been part of the run. What an awesome organization! Keep on keepin', Everyone! I hope to join you again soon.
Sharon Christian, Crissy Field, SF 6/14/08

Salil-- It was wonderful running with you today in SF and hearing about your amazing organization and fantastic travels. Browsing through your website brought back such wonderfull memories for me of all the places I've lived and visited in the past (except for NY, OK, and Kansas-- never been to those spots)-- I only wish I had heard of you all sooner and been able to run through those areas with you! Your trip has certainly mirrored my own life's journey... but it took me 15 years to see what you've seen in just a few months. Hey, you've even been to Transylvannia, LA!! How many people in the world can say that?? I still have pictures I took of the bat painting on the town's water tower <G>. Thank you for introducing me to World Harmony Run-- I am truly inspired by your organization's message, mission, and dedication. I will donate money as soon as I find where to do that!! Happy running, stay safe and healthy, and perhaps we'll run together again some day
Dena from SF Roadrunners

Hi Rabinath! Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! I know it's a little bit late, but with time-difference between there and here it should be fine. I'm really pround of you running on other side of planet.
Keep on going!
Roos de Waar

We saw you in Big Sur, Juilla Phiffer, We got married there a year ago, you made our special place even more beautiful. We admire you and will pray for world harmony. Thank you for your efforts!
Karin Ann

i hope u guys come to our school La Mesa Dale and i and my teacher are so happy that u and the prinsable gave my teacher that nice award now she con show that she has a bling bling that same day she tried to call her mom but she would not answer the phone ad by the way Mrs.ketterer said her dad was santa clous and we tried calling him so she can prove it and he said HAPPY WEEK!!! and be good to Linda my beaytyful girl
jakie jazmine perez

Gina Lopez

I could smell the ocean salt and feel the spray as I looked at the photos of the California coast! Great job Banshidar and Atulya. Thanks for the insightful commentary from the lions of the sea. They always have something significant and playful to contribute. It's been fun to follow the run, bringing back warm memories.

Love the report today.....hey whos giligan ? i just wanted to say how i look forward to seeing the adventures you guys are all having each day. Its great to see your smiles and unique experiences. I like seeing everyone from your team, Salil signing autographs or Homogni on video and its also great to see Mahiyan and Sujantra and Gregor lately...the photos are beautiful, very very inspiring. From down under a great big oneness hello from all of our team here to all of you there!

Thank you for all you are doing, torch bearing pilgrims! If I ever need a pick-me-up, I can just go on line and read the lates "Live From the Road" entries. All of you and your activities are radiating a high spirit of joy and light. It immediately lifts me out of any doldrums. Keep up the good work and thanks again!
Pipasa Glass

Hi I am from spencer Elem yall came to are school I ran with yall...
Chontaye, Midwest City

Go World Harmony Run!
It was wonderful to meet you at Movin Shoes in Pacific Beach (San Diego) and be able to help at least 2 of you with new footwear before you all head north for Seattle!
You are inspiring and making a difference in the world.
Mick Gieskes

Congratulations! I passed you on the street in City Heights (San Diego, CA! Way to go! Keep on going!
Amanda Moss

We just happened to see the torch run by our office this morning. We are in San Diego and found your website and it seems like a great cause. Keep up the fantastic effort and San Diego loves you. Stay classy...

My name is Ashley. I had the pleasure of witnessing your runners this morning on my way to work. It was drizzling and cold outside and when the runners approached they had the biggest most welcoming smiles on their faces. Pure joy. This experience gave me heart and an eagerness to spread the joy throughout my day. Thank you so much for encouraging this.