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Estonia 20 June: Viljandi - Türi

We started in the centre of Viljandi, where we had finished yesterday. It was going to be a hot day - it was already 31C as early as 09.30! The Leader of the Department of Education and Culture wished us light legs and happy hearts. She mentioned that this time of the year in Estonia was the hottest, and where the nights are the 'whitest'. We were joined by an elderly sportsman, Osvald Mõttus, who ran with us a few kilometres.

We continued running on long, straight and hot roads to the next city.

Twenty-five kilometres from Viljandi we arrived at the border of the town of Suure-Jaani where a group of girls from ELO, a youth organisation, ran with us.

They all wore the same t-shirts, with writing in Estonian that translated as "Super cool people from Olustvere". Includeed In the group were members of a basketball team, and also two pop bands. As always with teenagers who have joined us running, they have so much energy and enjoy running with us. We generally find out that they admit to having more fun than they actually expected. We noticed they were wearing some interesting footwear - running in flip-flops!

With huge Estonian and European Union flags in the background we met the town representative of Suure-Jaani. A young boy sang for us.

We ran through some idyllic countryside of expansive green meadows with beautiful flowers and pine forests.

The roads were very quiet compared to what we are used to, and the conditions hotter than recent weeks. Even the tarmac roads were melting.

We are certainly experiencing some great summer weather and long days.

We had lunch beside the relaxing lake at a place called Vanaõue. The simplest of food tastes better outside.

At Vändra we met the head of the regional government and after the ceremony, some girls ran with us.

We got them jumping whilst running with the torch, and even Petar and Jirka had a go. All of us found it hilarious - It put a new meaning to the saying, 'jumping for joy'.

As we had covered the distance quickly in the afternoon, we had chance to relax under the trees by the River Pärnu, and take in the nature. Numerous times we ran across bridges that spanned the River Pärnu.

The girls ran the final 5 km to our final destination, Türi. As yesterday, they ran on some dust and gravel roads, but today more traffic passed them covering them with dust.

On the border of Türi (known as the Spring Capital of Estonia) we ran with boys and girls from the athletic club to the Türi park where we met the mayor.

After the ceremony we went to our accommodation. We are so grateful for the Union of Sport of Järvamaa for organising and providing a fantastic place beside the River Pärnu and close to the lake where we all went swimming later. Petar, Gints and Jirka went kayaking in the river.

To complete our day we had a sauna to relax our tired muscles.

Distance: 97km

Team Members:
Arturas Rasimavicius (Lithuania), Gints Peleckis (Latvia), Ieva Kurzemniece (Latvia), Jadranka Grbic (Serbis & Montenegro), Jirka Albrecht (Czech Republic), Mark Collinson (England), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Petar Mihaylov (Bulgaria), Valentine Bebik (Ukraine).

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Finland 20 June