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Netherlands 29 September: Utrecht - Den Haag



08:30 hrs

The day began at the Aboe Da’oed Islamic School – a large red brick school with about 200 pupils. Our run of good weather continued as we were greeted warmly by Mr R. Nanhekhan , the Headteacher who led us up onto the outdoor stage where he introduced us to the waiting crowd of pupils and many parents.


24 children had been chosen to run with the torch so after the presentation – during which the team received lovely drawings from some of the kids. Their joyful run circled the playground with the rest of the crowd cheering on.

Several of the parents expressed their thanks and support to the World Harmony Run for the event. Then after some final kind words from Mr Nanhekhan and a group photo that consisted of the runners balancing on a line of pillars with the children around them, we waved them goodbye.



09:30 hrs

De Prinses Margrietschool was a sweet little school divided into Upper and Lower Primary buildings, so our first port of call was the Lower. Leaning over the fence, the 30 or so small children waved enthusiastically and then came and sat in front of us for the presentation led by Abhinabha.

Guessing game: is this harmony? Yes!!!

They were a joyful lot as was their teacher who joined in almost as one of the team and afterwards invited us in for quick snacks in the school house where we learnt of the school’s charitable projects in Belarus.


10:15 hrs

Next we ran with the little ones down the road to the upper school were they passed the torch to the older children. During the next presentation again the children enthusiastically ‘danced’ the movements to the World Harmony Run Song and Abhinabha gave them some inspiring words about harmony in their lives and their potential in making a difference.


We completed the run and after receiving further refreshments provided by the school, we waved goodbye to the children and staff, The torch was then passed to some onlookers were keen to learn more about the run and hold the WHR torch.


Teachers and staff of the Prinses Margrietschool holding the Harmony Torch.


11:15 hrs

After running about 3km from Margrietschool, the torch was passed to the first of a series of pupils from the Basisschool De Regenboog (The Rainbow Primary school) to run the final kilometer to the school. They ran through the quiet residential streets to the next waiting runner.

This school made an immediate impression, as did the enthusiastic 11 & 12 year olds who had run the relay, one of whom had said ‘this is super-cool’ in his colloquial Dutch. There were orchids on the entrance table in the lobby and rainbow coloured displays around the school.

The runners were invited up to the stage in the hall by Mr. Arie Schilling who then sat at the piano and added a soundtrack to our games and the quiz part of the presentation – as well as playing along to the World Harmony Run song.

Arie Schilling (left) and his colleague showing where harmony can be found.

The bright and confident children seemed a rainbow themselves clothed in many happy colours. When Abhinabha jokingly told them that he thought that they had failed a challenge and would therefore have to sing a song for us instead of us for them, they just said ok and Mr. Schilling gave them an introduction as the choir stood up to sing! It was a fun, jazzy song, the meaning of which was that we all have our flaws and still we are brothers and sisters, we all are flawed and still we love each other.

They then presented drawings and asked many good questions as the torch was passed around the hall.

Once again kind refreshments were provided in the form of Tea/Coffee and biscuits. After thanking the staff, we were given a warm farewell.

Roger (left) and Nitish running through Utrecht, which is Nitish's home town.

We then ran north out of Utrecht along the river and drank in our beautiful surroundings – tree lined road by the river with small gentle fields of cows or horses and a pretty church or bridge here and there.

Arriving on the edge the small and charming town of Maarssen, we sat and ate in the beautiful grounds the Castle Oud-Zuilen, a stunning spot for our picnic lunch.

Bijon in front of his newly acquired residence in Holland.


13:30 hrs

Before us in the playground, the pupils of primary school ‘t Palet were arranged in neat curved lines and stood in precise order of height with the really little ones at the front. Being a rural school, most of the children were blonde and fair. The group formed a happy scene, like a gracefully planted garden.

The staff was as lovely as were the children. Marco from Padua and some of the other runners started playing funny games with the kids as the torch was being passed round in a circle.


After running around the playing field and a last group photo, the World Harmony Run team waved goodbye to another beautiful Dutch school.


14:30 hrs

The last school of the day was also in Maarssen and to reach it we had to run through Maarssen’s picturesque streets and along the Harmonieweg – Harmony road!

The children of Basisschool Het Kompas, far from being boisterous at the end of the day, seemed absolutely serene.

The runners were welcomed indoors to meet the waiting children surrounded by all kinds of colourful artwork. After thoughtful Q&As, singing, dancing and running, the presentation drew to a close with our Run's motto: "Harmonie begint bij mij" – Harmony begins with me.

Mimicking the World Harmony Run song: "We are the oneness and fulness of tomorrow's sun"

Several children stayed with the runners to ask more questions after which the torch headed off a few km north on a cooling run to Breukelen - the original Brooklyn from the time when New York was still a Dutch colony - they even have a bridge!

The Teams’s day ended in the city of Den Haag where they enjoyed a truly sublime meal at the famous Madal Bal health-food store and were flourishing with joy and energy from the day and the children.

– Bijon

Team Members:
Bijon (Great-Britain), Marco (Italy), Gabriella (Hungary), Judit (Hungary), Elke (Germany), Roger (Germany), Diganta Adhikari (Austria), Stéphanie (Luxemburg), Annemijn (The Netherlands), Sara (The Netherlands), Nitish (The Netherlands), Abhinabha (The Netherlands)

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