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Netherlands 28 September: Eindhoven - Utrecht

During our four days of World Harmony Run in Holland this year we had the good fortune of having a truly international team. We had representatives from Hungary, Italy, Great-Britain, Luxemburg, Germany and Austria.

We spent the night in Eindhoven with our dear friends Niek en Jenneke in Waalre, who have hosted us four times before. We roasted chestnuts on the fire and had a really wonderful time together. Thank you so much Niek and Jenneke!

Niek and Bijon sharing a laugh.

The girls’ team stayed with friends of Niek and Jenneke. Their son – now 10 years old – had held the torch four years ago and he still remembered. Here he is proudly showing the picture – you can see how he has grown up!

After a hearty farewell from our hosts in the morning, we proceeded to our first Eindhoven school, De Hanevoet primary school.

We were greeted by a host of enthusiastic children who swept us away by the beautiful drawings they gave us. We gave our presentation to them, having them guess the languages and countries of all the runners and singing them the World Harmony Run song with lots of smiling teachers joining in. Some of the children gave the runners impromptu gifts and even ran down the road with us when they left. We were extremely touched by the children’s confidence and the fact they were so eager to approach us and converse.

The Second school was primary school ‘t Startblok, a larger school which was built with lots of blue panels and had every one of its many windows adorned with artwork drawn on little humans who were all holding hands.

We were greeted warmly by the teacher who had prepared for our visit and we also found out the artwork had been prepared in honour of the World Harmony Run.

We had a really nice presentation and especially enjoyed the children’s run around the ‘World’ where they circled the grounds passing the 7 continents as represented by different team members.

When it came time to go, many of the children physically tried to restrain us from leaving! 

On arrival at the De Springplank primary school some distance away, the team was led up onto the stage which had been erected for us in the playground. We were presented with two extraordinary artwork banners formed by interlinked paintings that the children had made. They stretched from one side of the stage to the other in lovely vibrant colours. 

It was a lovely scene with gentle dappled sunlight scattering through the leaves. The children were attentive and eager and there was a very peaceful feeling in the playground.

Children from De Springplank trying to feel harmony in their hearts. 

The team somewhat reluctantly moved on to the next school, the Regional International School in Eindhoven. “Wow” was all we could say after our visit. This is a school with 19 different nationalities of teachers and 43 different nationalities of kids including many from China, all over India, Japan, Indonesia, Suriname and America. 

Children from the International School participating in our World Harmony Run song and dance.

The school’s ethos is very much in tune with the World Harmony Run and the team got an amazing welcome with a welcome-party holding several huge banners that had been beautifully made for the visit.

The children freely approached us with joy and enthusiasm to share stories about themselves and make a personal connection. What was special was that their friendships seemed to transcend all national boundaries.

After a final photograph and another fond farewell with the main group, the team was paraded around the building, following a banner to where a lovely lunch was awaiting us! But before tucking in, one runner was given a final challenge from one of the banner-holding children. “Can I see how fast you can sprint?”

A mini sports-day then ensued and after everyone raced everyone else to the gates and back, the runners were let off to eat. Inside, the Headmaster greeted and congratulated the team and we were presented with beautiful gifts. Needless to say, it was a very touching visit.

The fifth and last school of the day was the De Klimboom primary school in the south of the city.

On arrival, the runners were welcomed into a quadrangle formed by the children, and a very enjoyable presentation followed – very much in the spirit of the day.

In beautiful evening sunshine, the WHR team proceeded to the next city on the run, Utrecht. 

Sara leading the way in Eindhoven.

– Bijon

Team Members:
Bijon (Great-Britain), Marco (Italy), Gabriella (Hungary), Judit (Hungary), Elke (Germany), Roger (Germany), Diganta Adhikari (Austria), Stéphanie (Luxemburg), Namana (The Netherlands), Annemijn (The Netherlands), Sara (The Netherlands), Rabinath (Netherlands), Abhinabha (Netherlands)

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