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Italy 30 March: Palermo - Agrigento

In the morning we started running from the city centre with the President of the Sicilian U.I.S.P. Sports Association, Domenico Piombo. We created quite a scene in the city with the police escort guiding our car through the narrow streets.

As we arrived at Scuola Elementare L.Capuana we were greeted by hundreds of screaming kids as well as the Principal of the School, Prof. Giuseppe Liotta.

We were all so impressed by their ability to recite speeches and to sing.

Sicilians really demonstrate a unique confidence and energetic spirit. We were told that particularly in the south, people are very excitable and openly express their affection and enthusiasm.

This school had spent over a month preparing for our arrival with the help of the English teacher.

The impact on the children and all the runners involved is multiplied 10-fold when a school encourages their pupils to work on projects before we arrive.

From the school we continued running to the City Hall where the team was astounded by the beauty of the buildings in the area.

The Minister of Social Services, Maria Concetta Bonomolo, greeted us as the official representative of the Mayor.

With the blessing from the City, we continued on our journey to another school with the President of the Marathon Misilmeri Running Club, Enzo La Scala and his colleague.

Madhurima reluctantly tackles a difficult hill.

The 1st Circolo Didattico "Traina" School was bursting with excitment as we came running in.

The principal, Mazzamuto Salvatore gave us a warm welcome and introduced us to the Mayor's assistant, Mr. Arch. Franco Abbate.

The children read poems and sang songs accompanied by hand movements on the theme of world peace and friendship.

The crowd surrounded us eager to have a chance to hold this torch that had visited so many countries and passed through so many hands. We left Palermo with fond memories but we knew we had to get on the road and head to Campofranco for our next engagement.

The heavens opened up and blessed us with rain for the next 30km. This wasn't the sunny Sicily we had expected but as we later learned, its typical of this time of the year.

Our fearless runners arrived at the small town cold and wet but the warm welcome and hot tea provided by the local running clubs, Atletico Campofranco and Polisportiva Olimpia, gave the team renewed strength. We also received, for the first time this year, blessings from a Catholic priest. We were grateful for the prayers and Holy water that Padre Ignazio bestowed upon us as we departed.

Runners from the G.S. Valle Dei Templi Sporting Club joined our team together with the local Scout Association and Valle Dei Templi Cyclist Association as we entered the city of Agrigento.

At our finishing point in the city centre we met Padre Russotto, the local priest, to receive some further blessings for the day. We were so impressed that even though it was pouring with rain, the Padre still waited for our team to arrive.

With the rain still pouring, we continued running to our finishing point for the evening. We were delighted to escape the bad weather to enjoy some light refreshments compliments of the Tenta Lo Slancio, a humanitarian aid group and Suore di Porta Aperta, a group of local nuns.

After a long day we were glad to recover with a wholesome meal at a restaurant generously arranged by City of Agrigento.

Team Members:
Ondrej Vesely-(Czech Republic), Nelson (Homagni) Baptista-(Australia), Namitabha Aleksandar Arsic-(Serbia), Marc Schrader-(Germany), Zoltan Theobald-(Hungary), Pierre Lantuas Monfouga-(France), Enrico Eugenio-(Italy), Rose de Waart (Holland), Madhurima Schepel-Engelbrechtsen (Denmark).

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