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Italy 23 April: Caserta-Campobasso

Two new runners, Oleh and Artur, joined the team! Welcome! We picked them up yesterday evening in Caserta. Another one, Anatoli, had to go back home and to his Job!

Here is Artur, our first newcomer, running on a road in the wonderful mountains between Caserta and Campobasso... actually it was a really hard job... as we went through 40 km of dangerous up hill roads. We had to split the team in the mountains, and 5 of us went ahead towards the city in order not to miss the program in Campobasso, while 4 others stayed behind to cover the distance.

This is definitely the perfect time to run along the roads of southern Italy, as everything is in full blossom and every corner can be a pleasant discovery!

A few km before Campobasso we met some local runners from the "atletica molise amatori" running club. Special thanks to them, as they have been real good friends of ours since many years and have participated in the World Harmony Run many times.

Here we are just a couple of km from Campobasso, running with our friend-runners. The man holding the torch is Benito, one of the fastest runners in the group and, believe it or not, he is 70 years old!

We entered in the city around 12:30 and ran until the very centre of it. It was a really nice experience, as it was full of people waiving or smiling at us, as we arrived running and greeting everybody. We were also welcomed by a music band! Here you can see us marching behind them in the main square of the city, while going to the meeting with the regional president of the CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee.

We made one lap in the main square, the building behind us is the City Hal.

Here the RAI television is interviewing us and Franco, the president of the "atletica molise amatori".

Meeting the regional president of the CONI in the CONI conference room, at the presence of some media also.

Oleh, our other new runner with his favourite car....

Pierre instead likes this one better! So he took a picture of it and of his owner... Pierre says it is the perfect car to drive in Paris!

Today we had the chance to arrive early at our accommodation, but there is always a lot to do: here we are cleaning the car for example. It is a job that sometimes we have to do quite late!

Today was a special day for the citizens of Campobasso, as they were celebrating the "Day of Sait Giorgio", a Saint who is regarded as the protector of Campobasso. So, there was a religious parade along the streets of the city. We are very grateful for we had the opportunity of participating in the final part of the event. In the picture you can see a beautiful sunset on the city from the castle of Campobasso, as we are about to start the last ceremony of the day, in the nearby church of "Saint Giorgio".

People greeting us at the historical church of "Saint Giorgio".

So, here is what happened: we entered running with the torch in the church, spoke about the World Harmony Run and sung our theme song. The Bishop of Campobasso area blessed the torch and then it was passed from hand to hand to all the people present in the church in a heartfelt moment of silence. Here is the final group picture with the bishop, the prefect of Campobasso, the temporary mayor of Campobasso and with our international team, finally complete.

After the end of the ceremony: group picture in front of the church...and our job for today is almost complete....but first...

...first we took pictures with some of the many peoples who greeted us at the exit of the religious function...

...and finally we left, very happy after another long day of running, smiling and meeting people.

Team Members:
Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas Monfouga (France), Valentin Bebik, Oleh Ivaniuk and Nataliya Lehonkova (Ukraine), Janos Derekas (Hungary), Stefano Lanzalone and Stefano Cenni (Italy), Artur Janczak (Poland).

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